Juicy, in-season fruits make for delicious summer desserts.

Mango Strawberry Shortcakes
Amy Dickerson

This June, we’re going to be cooking with as many of the delicious fruits and vegetables as are in season. (And there are a lot.) This approach also applies to desserts.

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Summer fruits are sugary and juicy, making them the perfect ingredient in baked goods. Host outdoor grill nights in the backyard and keep the party going with a mouthwatering sweet treat for the group. The sun stays up the latest this month, so best to take advantage of it and continue to partake long into the night. Let’s celebrate the commencement of summer with delicious desserts to serve at your barbecues. 

By using blueberries, nectarines, zucchini, strawberries, plums, and peach, among many other tasty fruits, you can put the taste of summer right into your dishes (and often in your cocktails as well). In June, the options for fresh fruit are endless, so there are so many recipes to choose from that are made with fresh fruit that you can pick right up at the farmers market.

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The best part about baked goods is that they have so many uses. They can be a sugary breakfast and a post-dinner dessert. Zucchini bread, for example, can be saved for days, doubling as a meal and a snack. My mom used to make it multiple times per summer growing up, and it was my family of six’s favorite meal, snack, and dessert. The same goes for many of these baked goods; some can last even a whole week. 

This June, bake the best desserts using all of the ingredients and recipes that we’ve rounded up here. Go out to your local farmers market when you get a chance to pick up the fresh fruit, which will make them that much better.

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