The Amazonian action figure with the impossible measurements doesn’t really eat, but you can.

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Ask Yourself: What Would Barbie Make? Photo by Joyce Lee.

What would Barbie cook for Ken? If all we have to go on is Greta Gerwig’s blockbuster movie version, we may never know, because those Barbies are too busy being president and winning Nobel prizes to bake for their cute-but-dumb beach boys.

So perhaps a better question is: What would you cook for Barbie, if you were to make the empowered choice to fulfil that domestic role? We’ve come up with some suggestions for fabulous recipes that all fit the doll’s famous color palette. Whip one up to put yourself in the right frame of mind for seeing the film in theaters. (And if you’re fueling up to get through the Barbenheimer challenge, double the recipe.)

You Can Make Anything—but Start with These Barbie-licious Recipes

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