It’s time to practice plant preparedness and we’ve got everything you need in case of an unexpected botanical bust.

Houseplant Care Rubber Plant
byakkaya/Getty Images

We’ve all been there. A fern that flopped, a salvia in sad soil, and even a mighty monstera with too petite of a pot. While keeping a close eye on your houseplant and its day-to-day health is part of being a good plant parent, we’re all guilty of being a bit accident-prone or neglectful. Fret not friends! There’s usually time to step in when the green girls are screaming SOS—we’re going to help you build the ultimate houseplant emergency kit to tackle any ailments that come your way. From being ready to pot-up at a moment’s notice to making sure those pesky fungus gnats stay at bay, here are the skills we keep sharp and the tools we’re packing in our at-home horticultural kit.

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