For every crisis, we’ve got a delicious fix—each equally useful even when all is going according to plan.

The Bird Is Still Frozen
Iain Bagwell

It can happen to anyone, even experienced chefs. A Thanksgiving feast has many moving parts and you’ve got a lot on your plate making sure your guests will have a lot on theirs. It’s easy to overlook something like getting the turkey thawed, buying bread for stuffing, or taking the veggies off the flame in time. A moment’s inattention can turn potatoes gluey, and sometimes you just get unlucky and the fates curse you with soggy stuffing or limp turkey skin.

If any of these kitchen catastrophes happens to you, there are two things to do. The first is to take a deep breath and resist the urge to panic. It’s Thanksgiving—there’s going to be enough to eat even if, in a worst-case scenario, one dish can’t be salvaged.

The other is to read this handy guide.  There are solutions for a lot of common Thanksgiving goofs, and the following tips, tricks, and hacks might just save the day. 

Don’t Panic! Try These Solutions.

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