Whether you call it stuffing or dressing, you know you want this classic side dish on your Thanksgiving table.

11 Show-Stopping Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes

Stuffing is one of those Thanksgiving dishes that people have strong feelings about, and if your family is not going to be dissuaded from using supermarket bread cubes, we honestly get it. At the holidays, the heart wants what it wants, even when the brain knows there might be a tastier way.

But if you’re open to literally spicing it up a little, read on for some, well, out-of-the-box ideas. The following recipes are slightly more sophisticated versions of the tried-and-true herbed bread theme. Some use a sourdough loaf, one uses rye, and more than one uses rice as the starchy base. There’s oyster stuffing, stuffing with sausage, and cornbread-based stuffing. Some recipes use traditional herbs, and some go a little more out there with the spicing. Whichever direction you go, we’re sure your holiday guests will eat enough that they will feel a little stuffed themselves.

Pro tip: It’s tempting to put the stuffing inside the bird—it is called stuffing, after all. But it’s safest to cook the dressing in its own pan. Anything cooked inside the bird runs the risk of absorbing cooking juices. That’s delicious, but insulated inside the turkey, the stuffing might not get hot enough to be safe to eat.

Favorite Stuffing Recipes

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