Flaky baklava with a glass of strong coffee is a sweet ending to a classic feast of Greek spring lamb with with herbs and delicious sides.

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Celebrate spring with a tasty menu of traditional favorites

Linda Lau Anusasananan

Egg, lemon, and rice soup (avgolemono soupa)

Greek salad

Greek lamb with herbs and garlic

Greek Easter bread (lambropsomo)


Greek coffee

For Paige Poulos and many fellow Greek Americans in the West, Greek Easter - or Pasch - comes a little later this year (April 23). There's no glazed ham or bunny-themed centerpiece, but the meaning of the holiday, and the love of tradition, is the same. At Poulos's home in Point Richmond, California, the celebration is only complete with a tableful of simple Greek foods, surrounded by family.

Poulos's husband, John Woolley, grills an aromatic wine- and herb-marinated leg of lamb. Poulos adds a traditional Greek soup, salad, and spring vegetables. Lambropsomo - anise-scented bread embedded with red-dyed eggs in a cross shape - is a central symbol for the holiday. And flaky baklava with a glass of Greek dessert wine or a strong Greek coffee makes for a sweet ending to a meal that is just as enjoyable for a non-Greek Easter too.


• Feta cheese and olives, pickled green tomatoes with chiles (available in Mediterranean delis), and spanakopita (spinach-and-cheese filo packets, available frozen)
Serve with: ouzo (an anise-flavored spirit), diluted with ice water

First course
Egg, lemon, and rice soup (avgolemono soupa)

Main course
Greek salad
Greek lamb with herbs and garlic
• Swiss chard or spinach sautéed with olive oil and salt and garnished with lemon wedges 
• Boiled artichokes drizzled with olive oil and vinegar 
• Steamed baby potatoes mixed with olive oil, salt, and pepper 
Greek Easter bread (lambropsomo) or other sweet egg bread, such as Hawaiian 

Serve with: Greek red wine, such as Amethystos - a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Limnio from Macedonia, with blackberry and cherry flavors - or a fruity Zinfandel

Greek coffee (strong, sweetened coffee)

Serve with: Mavrodaphne, a Greek dessert wine

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