From the best-ever guac to amazing margs, these recipes round out your ultimate Cinco de Mayo party spread.

Do you struggle to find Cinco de Mayo-appropriate recipes that are both tasteful and tasty? We’ve rounded up nearly two dozen possibilities right here. All are head and shoulders above the typical cheesy dips, canned salsas, and overly sweet drinks that can drag a celebration down into the realm of the ordinary.

Not that we’ve completely abandoned traditional favorites. We do have guacamole, for example, because every party needs guacamole. And there’s a nacho recipe, too, for the same reason, but ours is a meaty version made with chopped steak and real cheese. There are tacos—lots of tacos, all with fairly sophisticated fillings like homemade carnitas and grilled fish. And you’ll find margaritas, too. But put that blender away, and the sweet-and-sour mix, too. The Sunset Margarita is served on the rocks, and has real fruit juice in it. For something even a little more unexpected, try the Thyme for Mezcal cocktail, a smoky, herby concoction that’s anything but typical.

Similarly, you’ll find next-level salsas, tortas, and chimichangas, none of which are remotely ordinary. Like enchiladas? (That’s a trick question; everyone likes enchiladas.) Our Green Chile Chicken Enchilada recipe makes a big batch, and each is filling enough to accommodate that party guest trying to make dinner out of appetizers. 

And there are a few more unusual recipes, too, like boozy popsicles and a delicious caramel sundae. Party guests will also love the slightly non-traditional but deliciously creamy and sweet Tres Leches Cake with Raspberries. That’s a fantastic note on which to end a party.

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