Longhorn Restaurant Rock River, Wyoming

Longhorn Restaurant Four-Berry Pie

Berry good

Way out on the Wyoming prairie, a little bit north of Laramie along Interstate 30, the Longhorn Restaurant in Rock River is a pie lover’s oasis par excellence. Chef Chris Martin whips up the pies of your dreams: pecan, sour cream-cherry, and a four-berry pie that tastes like all the Rocky Mountains’ sweetest berries pirouetting in a crust for your enjoyment.

Amazingly, Martin has only been seriously baking pies since he moved to Rock River from Arizona in 1995. “I play around with different recipes until I find one I really like,” he says. “Then I modify it until I’m satisfied with it. That’s how this berry pie came about.”

Closed Sun. 362 N. Fourth St., Rock River; (307) 378-2567.

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