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Trader Joe's Editor's Picks
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A simple question for our staff — “What products do you love to buy at Trader Joe’s?” — turned into hours of discussion. These recommendations will round out your shopping list on your next TJ’s run.

Triple-Creme & Sheep’s Milk Cheeses

Let’s pay a visit to the TJ’s cheese section, shall we? With my husband’s family’s French roots, we take fromage very seriously in our house. We’re huge fans of the St. André triple-creme, a rich spin on Brie that is impossible to not devour. We’re also very partial to sheep’s milk cheeses, and the TJ’s Petit Basque is a perennial favorite of ours. —Jessica Mordo, Associate Digital Director

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Kringle! It’s a Danish breakfast pastry that most folks here have never heard of, but it’s super popular in Wisconsin (especially as part of a holiday brunch spread) and Trader Joe’s is the only place I can find it [out West]. They have it shipped from a bakery in Racine, WI, and they always have seasonal flavors. I had a pumpkin caramel one on my birthday and it was delicious. It’s also shaped like a toilet seat, which makes it extra fun. —Gina Goff, Digital Director

Unexpected Cheddar

This cheddar is a harder cheese (it’s a blend of cheddar and parmesan), so I eat it with TJ’s pita crackers, Honeycrisp apples, or anytime I want to make an impressive cheese board!  —Maya Wong, Editorial Assistant

Honeycrisp Apple Cider

I like to drink their Honeycrisp Apple Cider hot. I often add spices (when I’m not feeling lazy.) —Zoe Gutterman, Video Editor

Aged Gouda & Salmon Jerky

My son’s favorite is the 1,000-Day Aged Gouda. My kids also love Trader Joe’s salmon jerky, but I’m partial to all of Trader Joe’s Indian food, from their frozen naan to tikka masalas and more. —Chantal Lamers, Home Editor

Plantain Chips

Huge love for my new favorite snack discovery: Plantain Chips. I can tell myself they’re healthier than potato chips, because they’re bananas (and therefore contain potassium). Plus they’re far less salty. Pro tip: They pair well with TJ’s Salsa Especial. —Nena Farrell, Associate Digital Editor

Uncooked Italian Chicken Sausages

TJ’s uncooked Italian chicken sausages are legit. We recently discovered them and definitely recommend them over the precooked sausages. —Jessica Mordo, Associate Digital Director

Corn Salsa

Trader Joe’s has a corn salsa without tomatoes that is pretty good for certain dishes. It doesn’t pair with all tortilla chips, but it’s good on other Mexican dishes. —Gina Goff, Digital Director

Fresh Veggies

Trader Joe’s has plenty of fresh veggies, and I like the packaged peas. So much easier than trying to hack apart a bag of frozen ones. —Zoe Gutterman, Video Editor

Everything but the Bagel Seasoning I like the everything bagel seasoning on top of avocado toast, scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, or sliced up heirloom tomatoes from the farmers’ market. — Maya Wong, Editorial Assistant

I’m addicted to the everything bagel crackers, and the Everything but the Bagel Seasoning. I mostly use it on scrambled eggs, avocados, and salads. —Kelsey Maloney, Editorial Assistant

Rainbow Trail Mix

Trader Joe’s has a variety of trail mixes, but my kids love this one for the mixed-in M&Ms, while still claiming “trail mix is healthy for you!” —Jessica Mordo, Associate Digital Director

Frozen French Onion Soup Trader Joe’s sells this soup frozen, and it comes in a great appetizer size. Added bonus: Their recipe is vegetarian. —Zoe Gutterman, Video Editor

Gone Bananas

Banana slices dipped in chocolate and frozen? Just try to resist them. —Jessica Mordo, Associate Digital Director

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