From Tex-Mex to Tel Aviv, these cookbooks offer something for everyone

The 12 New Cookbooks to Give Home Cooks This Year

It’s been a banner year for cookbooks, with titles from big name chefs and lesser known authors alike. Check out these 12 titles from Western authors and beyond, one of which will surely inspire the gift of giving (or getting):

Amá: A Modern Tex-Mex Kitchen By Josef Centeno

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Los Angeles-based chef Josef Centeno chronicles his family history from Texas to California through recipes for huevos rancheros, meaty stews, and mezcal cocktails. Tex-Mex’s cheeky mashup of cuisines gives Centeno room to create flavorful, fun dishes for the home cook.  From the book: Roasted Cauiliflower with Cilantro-Pecan Pesto

Amá: A Modern Tex-Mex Kitchen, $30

Indian-ish: Recipes and Antics From a Modern American Family  By Priya Krishna

Writer Priya Krishna teamed up with her mother to produce this book that reflects her experience growing up as an Indian-American. Their recipes — and stories — are quirky fun, from mash-ups like roti pizza to Malaysian Ramen. 

Indian-ish, $28

Japanese Home Cooking: Simple Meals, Authentic Flavors   By Sonoko Sakai

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A gentle introduction to the flavors and techniques of Japanese cooking courtesy of Sonoko Sakai, an LA-based teacher and food author. From pantry staples like dashi to Japanese breakfast, learn the fundamentals of home cooking the Japanese way.  From the book: Caramelized Satsuma Potatoes With Black Sesame

Japanese Home Cooking: Simple Meals, Authentic Flavors, $26

We Are La Cocina: Recipes in Pursuit of the American Dream By Caleb Zigas and Leticia Landa

La Cocina is a San Francisco non-profit that works with women, immigrants, and people of color to launch food businesses. This truly inspiring cookbook includes the stories of those entrepreneurs and many of their delicious recipes. The cuisines of Cambodia, Mexico, India, and Palestine are all here, supporting the work of this great organization.  

We Are La Cocina, $25

My Mexico City Kitchen: Recipes and Convictions  By Gabriela Cámara and Malena Watrous

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Thoughtful reflections on growing up in Mexico and owning two knockout restaurants — Contramar in Mexico City and Cala in San Francisco — serve as the backdrop for Gabriela Cámara’s simple and meticulous recipes. Starting with tortillas, the book travels alongside Cámara on her journey.  From the book: Prawns With Green Rice

My Mexico City Kitchen: Recipes and Convictions, $35

Nothing Fancy: Unfussy Food for Having People Over  By Alison Roman

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The follow-up to Allison Roman’s first book, Dining In, demystifies the art of entertaining in the modern age. Roman’s distinct voice narrates, giving home cooks both permission to relax and an arsenal of totally doable recipes that are full of flavor. 

Nothing Fancy: Unfussy Food for Having People Over, $32

Oaxaca: Home Cooking From the Heart of Mexico By Bricia Lopez with Javier Cabral

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A gorgeous, colorful book from the family of LA’s beloved Oaxacan restaurant Guelaguetza, Oaxaca is filled with recipes encompassing the “soul food” of Mexico. Recipes use as many indigenous and pre-Hispanic ingredients as possible, from chilaquiles to Oaxacan adobo. 

Oaxaca: Home Cooking From the Heart of Mexico, $40

Sababa: Fresh, Sunny Flavors From My Israeli Kitchen  By Adeena Sussman

Cookbook author Adeena Sussman transports readers of her latest book into her bright kitchen in Tel Aviv, preparing dishes driven by the market. Salads, pickles, and pita are part of the roster in this lovely book, filled with the people and stories of Israel. 

Sababa: Fresh, Sunny Flavors From My Israeli Kitchen, $35

Tartine: A Classic Revisited  By Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson

The original cookbook from the founders of San Francisco’s Tartine Bakery has gotten a major upgrade with gorgeous new photos and 68 new recipes. The most-loved classics are all still there, now including the recipe for their super-popular morning bun.  From the book: Sweet Potato Tea Cake With Meringue

Tartine: A Classic Revisited, $35

The Joy of Cooking – 2019 Edition By Irma S. Rombauer, Marion Becker, Ethan Becker, John Becker, and Megan Scott

Perhaps no more iconic cookbook exists in the American home cook canon. Originally published in 1931, this ninth edition of the book includes 600 new recipes from Irma S. Rombauer’s great-grandson and his wife.  From the book: Turkey Tetrazzini

The Joy of Cooking - 2019 Edition, $40

Vietnamese Food Any Day  By Andrea Nguyen 

Bay Area author Andrea Nguyen has established herself as the voice of Vietnamese cooking in California. Her newest book focuses on easy-to-find recipes that won’t take all day, giving home cooks without access to Asian ingredients a new way to connect with the food of Vietnam.

Vietnamese Food Any Day, $25

Whole Food Cooking Every Day Transform the Way You Eat with 250 Vegetarian Recipes Free of Gluten, Dairy, and Refined Sugar  By Amy Chaplin

No one will miss the meat in the flavorful recipes found within Amy Chaplin’s new book. Bold vinaigrettes, clean soups, and homey cauliflower bakes lay the groundwork for eating healthily without giving up good taste.  From the book: Rose Sesame Waffles

Whole Food Cooking Every Day, $40