There’s a colonial woman on the wing! Just kidding… there are only can’t-miss bachelorette party destinations ahead.

Palm Springs Honeymoon
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Whenever I think about a bachelorette party, the airplane scene from the movie Bridesmaids comes to mind. If Annie hadn’t imbibed after taking a sedative, who knows what fun Lillian’s group of gal pals could have experienced in Vegas? To protect you and your bridesmaids from any potential bachelorette party planning chaos, we’ve curated a list of cities across the West that are known for hosting such celebrations. 

Of course, every bride has a different vision for her bachelorette. So, whether you want a place known for its relaxing spas, award-winning ski slopes, sprawling vineyards, or somewhere you can party until the sun comes up, these are the 15 spots you should consider:

Best Bachelorette Party Destinations in the West