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With my sister starting her medical residency in Northern California and my in-laws on the East Coast, I take a lot of flights from Orange County and Los Angeles. So, it comes as no surprise that TikTok has caught onto this, and my For You Page has been offering up a variety of travel hacks. These viral posts are sharing experienced travelers’ tips for having the most comfortable, well-prepared flight imaginable. 

From simple to slightly advanced, discovering these nuggets of wisdom has resulted in a full Amazon shopping cart and excitement for my next plane ride. Read on for the best TikTok-famous travel hacks:

1. Always Bring a Tote Bag

@sumaribarnes The best packing tip for over packers #travelpackingtips #travelhack #overpacker #traveltips #traveladvice ♬ original sound – Sumari | Travel+Lifestyle

This is an easy and affordable one, since you probably have a bag lying around at home. Travel and lifestyle creator @sumaribarnes suggests keeping a tote empty somewhere in your luggage, just in case your checked bag is too heavy and you need to transfer a few items.

Baggu Standard Baggu

Courtesy of Baggu

Standard Baggu, $14

2. Your Owala Water Bottle Has Bonus Features

@celprescott The perfect way to prop up your phone on the plane 🤩 @Owala #lifehacks #travel ♬ original sound – kardashianshulu

There are devices you can attach to the chair in front of you to prop up your phone, but did you know you can just use your Owala water bottle instead? @celprescott shared a video showing how you can set the bottle down on the tray and hook the carry loop onto the tray table knob.

Owala Water Bottle

Courtesy of Amazon

Owala FreeSip Water Bottle, $28

3. Let Your Feet Hang on the Flight Ok, economy class seats aren’t the most confortable place to be in, but these products helped make the flight so much more bearable 😌 all from Amazon! #economyclass #flyinghacks #flyingtips #traveltips #travelhacks #amazonmusthaves #amazontravelessentials #amazonhome ♬ Kawaii Aesthetic – LoES

Take a load off when you use an airplane footrest hammock like this one.’s post featuring it has more than 1.2 million likes, and she demonstrates how you loop the hammock strap around your tray before placing your feet down.

Basic Concepts Foot Hammock

Courtesy of Amazon

Basic Concepts Airplane Foot Hammock, $17

4. Cover up Your Travel Tray’s viral video included another product recommendation that truly aligned with my germaphobic needs. This tray cover goes over that probably disgusting tray table and gives you a clean space to eat, drink, or even get some work done. Plus, it has a pocket attached, which you can use to store a water bottle, charger, books, and more.

Airplane Pockets Tray Table

Courtesy of Amazon

Airplane Pockets Tray Table Cover

5. Prevent Your Head From Bobbing

@alexacaradi Everything I brought on my 14 hour flight… vs my bf #travel #flight #fyp #tokyo ♬ Lullaby for Erik – Evgeny Grinko

Long flights call for anything that’ll help you sleep, which is no easy feat when you’re in coach. Thanks to @alexacaradi and her viral video about her 14-hour flight from Newark to Tokyo, we now have a list of her plane ride must-haves. For instance, she packed a sleep mask and neck pillow combo, which secures to the headrest and keeps your head from moving around.

Sarisun Travel Pillows

Courtesy of Amazon

Sarisun Travel Pillow, $23

6. Invest in a Pillow Designed for Comfy Plane Naps

@alexacaradi also brought along an inflatable travel air pillow, which is made to protect your neck and shoulders when you want to rest. You blow it up, place it on your lap, loop your arms through the center compartment, and then rest your head (face down).

Kimiandy Inflatable Travel Air Pillow

Courtesy of Amazon

Kimiandy Inflatable Travel Air Pillow, $21

7. Connect Your AirPods for In-Flight Entertainment

@askinem Sour, sweet, & salty! 🤩✈️ What would you add?? #snacklebox#snackbox#sourcandy#sweets#candyrestock#candy#restocking#asmr#restock#organized#travelhacks#satisfying ♬ original sound – Emily Askin – Home/Lifestyle

AirFly is a handy Bluetooth transmitter and several other creators rely on for cord-free compatibility for their AirPods and the screen at your seat. It connects your AirPods wirelessly, so all you need to do is insert the jack into the in-flight entertainment and start streaming. When you’re not traveling, you can also use it for gym equipment, gaming devices, or TVs.

Twelve South Airfly Bluetooth Wireless Receiver

Courtesy of Amazon

Twelve South AirFly SE Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter Receiver, $35

8. Prep a Snackle Box Beforehand

@askinem Sour, sweet, & salty! 🤩✈️ What would you add?? #snacklebox#snackbox#sourcandy#sweets#candyrestock#candy#restocking#asmr#restock#organized#travelhacks#satisfying ♬ original sound – Emily Askin – Home/Lifestyle

The last thing you want is to feel peckish on the flight. Whether or not meals or snacks are provided by the airline, having your own food is a game-changer. Creator @askinem’s viral post about restocking her “snackle box”—a tackle box loaded up with snacks—has more than 1.5 million likes.

Flambeau Tuff Tainer Tackle Box

Courtesy of Amazon

Flambeau Outdoors 4007 Tuff Tainer, $5

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