The It’s Easy app is the simplest, most streamlined way to get necessary documents ready for your next trip.

This Is Hands Down the Easiest Way to Renew Your Passport (And Give It a Glow-Up)

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There’s nothing quite like the anxiety of having to renew your passport. The deadline always sneaks up at the most inopportune time, usually right before a big trip. And with extended processing delays that often plague the Department of State, it can be an incredibly nerve-wracking process. Enter the It’s Easy app, a simple, stress-free way to renew your passport, especially if you need expedited service.

The white-glove (yet incredibly affordable) concierge service at It’s Easy walks you through the entire process, including getting to snap your own passport photos from home. That’s right, there’s no need to bring your glam squad to Walgreens à la Kim Kardashian to get the glow-up your passport deserves. You can retake your images as many times as you like, and staff will quality control your snaps, making sure that the shots are up to snuff with government standards before sending them off to the powers that be.

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Another perk of the service is getting regular updates on where your passport is in the process. Since you have to send in your current passport in order to renew it, knowing exactly where your documents stand is a huge relief. The app’s tracker, which is regularly updated by staff, lets you know at each step of the way where the application is. The It’s Easy team also does quality control on your application, from the photos to the nitty gritty on the paper application itself, making sure your passport gets passed through the Department of State with ease.

It’s Easy also offers users the opportunity to upgrade with a Passport Card, which can be used instead of the physical passport booklet when crossing both the Mexican and Canadian borders by vehicle, or instead of Real ID, which will be required to fly interstate as of 2025. The company also offers visa services, including expedited visas. Customers can opt in to timely reminders to make sure you’re set for renewals, which are required every 10 years, to ensure compliance with the 6-month validity rule.

“In a way, our services are an insurance policy. It’s convenient, it’s inexpensive, and it’s so rewarding,” says David Alwadish, Passport & Visa Services Founder and CEO, who first started his company in 1975 to help customers navigate the DMV.

It all comes at a relatively democratic price point, especially considering what other services on the market cost. Most users fall under the standard process, which can be done within 2-3 weeks either on the website for $58.95, or via the app for $39.95. Passport photos at the drug store alone run anywhere from $15-$20, then factor in the price of USPS postage and you’re already there. For those in a true bind, 10-day options run $299; 3-day urgent passport renewals can be procured for $549; and emergency one-day passport services cost $940.

All in, my passport took less than 2 weeks from door-to-door using the standard processing, and was in my hands more than enough time before boarding my next international flight. And it’s worth noting that my passport photo looks better than any government-issued ID I’ve ever had, giving it a real glow-up just in time for hot girl summer travel.

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