We asked, you answered. These are your singular best travel hacks.

These Are Readers’ All Encompassing Hacks for Pain-Free, Savvy Summer Travel

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This summer, I’ve been sharing my all-encompassing travel tips in our weekly pop-up newsletter, from how to plan a perfect last-minute road trip to always packing a carry-on, no matter how long your trip is. I’ve gleaned these tricks from a lifetime of travel; it’s all about the people you meet and things you learn along the way, and what good is that if it’s not shared? So in that spirit, we asked Sunset readers on Instagram and Threads what their favorite travel tips were. Some of the answers were downright genius. Here’s what you had to say.

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“Use a pants hanger to clip lousy curtains shut.” —Erin.Huard

Because I’m the type of sleeper who is super light-sensitive, this is probably one of the most genius hacks I’ve heard. If you don’t have a pants hanger, try using a giant claw clip. And of course, never forget your eye mask and ear plugs—two of my absolute travel essentials.

“Create guides on the iPhone maps app and pin places of interest, including coffee and food in the area.” —LindyLucifer

I am nothing without my Google Maps pins. I’m constantly adding restaurant recommendations from friends picked up in casual conversations, and coming back to them whenever I’m looking for inspiration.

The lounge at PS LAX looks more like a luxury hotel lobby than an airport lounge

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“Embrace a layover. Buy a day pass to an airport lounge.” —The.Sobers

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I’m a huge advocate for using Priority Pass, or better yet splurging on something luxe like the Private Suite at LAX. To piggyback the idea of making air travel as painless as possible, I’ll often buffer in an entire day in the city my layover is in, especially if it’s an awesome hub like Denver. The Denver airport is so massive, making it a total nightmare for connecting flights. But stopping over for a full night opens things up to all kinds of fun; you can catch a show at Red Rocks or book a meal at Sunday Vinyl. It really takes the edge off, and makes for an added opportunity for exploration.

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“Don’t travel with more than three people on a trip. More people = messy trip.” —OjoAnonimos

I couldn’t agree more. I’m a huge proponent of solo travel because of the fact that you can do what you want, when you want. Add too many people into the mix and things get complicated. It’s like herding cats!

“Always ask your transportation driver for their go-to spots for great meals. They give great local restaurant tips.” —Hyunju

I’d like to add bartenders into this tip. They often are hospitality pros, and have a great handle on the local food scene. Plus if you’re traveling solo, they make for dining companions while eating at the bar.

A carry-on is the way to go.

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“Carry-on only.” —Jane Friedman

There’s truly nothing worse than having your bags lost or mishandled on a trip. Considering how streamlined the process of packing a carry-on can be with our tips, there’s no excuse not to.

“Be patient and kind.” —Nansue928

This is the number-one tip every single traveler should abide by, no questions asked—especially in this day and age. This particularly applies to flight attendants and anyone working in hospitality, because they’ve seen the worst of it since the pandemic. Tip extra, smile, and be kind. Travel is a privilege, not a right.