From stunning lighting to story-telling food photography, the stories our editors are loving and sharing this week.
Stories We’re Loving This Week

Lighting Beautiful Enough to Rival Your Jewelry –>Pop Sugar Home

Using industrial materials to make objects that are earthy and natural is a special art. These metal pendant lights pull it off so nicely – the pieces are like jewelry for your room. And who doesn’t want that? — Jessica Mordo, senior web editor

A Guide to Portland’s Mac & Cheese Scene –>Portland Monthly

Thanks to a hankering for mac-‘n’-cheese and some free time to google, I stumbled upon this round up of Portland’s best cheesy pasta. I was surprised to see fourteen creative takes on the childhood staple, from (ahem, 5) mouth-watering vegan versions to mac with a German twist, but I guess it makes sense for a city that gets 37 inches of rain each year. — Aislyn Greene, assistant editor

The Seventh Seal: Sculptural Wooden Skulls by Joshua Vogel –>Remodelista

Call me weird, but I kind of love these wooden skulls. They’d make the perfect addition to a Gothic Halloween decorative theme. — Jessica Mordo, senior web editor

Around The World in 20 Food Photos From The Past Week –>SF Chronicle

A selection of story-telling food photography that goes way, way beyond poorly lighted Instagram shots. — Aislyn Greene, assistant editor

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