We love all the West’s national parks, but these take the cake when it comes to Instagram fame. High visitor numbers and famous attractions aside, the following posts are all the proof we need that these parks are worthy of their Insta-popularity

Stunning Sunsets at Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
Thomas J. Story

1. Grand Canyon National Park

#grandcanyon, 3,619,660 posts

2. Yosemite National Park

#yosemite, 2,878,852 posts

3. Joshua Tree National Park

#joshuatree, 1,578,660 posts

4. Yellowstone National Park

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#yellowstone, 1,389,690

5. Zion National Park

#zionnationalpark, 952,216 posts

6. Banff National Park

#banffnationalpark, 872,103 posts

7. Glacier National Park

#glaciernationalpark, 703,673 posts

8. Mt Rainier National Park

#mtrainier, 617,044 posts

9. Rocky Mountain National Park

#rockymountainnationalpark, 532,357 posts

10. Sequoia National Park

#sequoianationalpark, 487,079 posts

11. White Sands National Park

#whitesands, 399,395 posts

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