Sip your way through these wintry whiskey escapes.

Mammoth Mountain's High West Whiskey Outpost Pop-Up
High West Whiskey's Outpost pop-up at Mammoth Mountain. Photo by Peter Morning.

There’s perhaps no spirit more synonymous with the Western frontier than whiskey. But in fact, most of the hooch consumed by cowboys and trappers in the 1800s was watered down by traders along its journey to Western saloons, leaving it with little resemblance to the nuanced spirit we’ve grown to love today. Thankfully, local distillers have come a long way since those early days, tapping into the bounty of the West to craft spirits that sing of the surrounding landscapes. 

With their signature notes of toasty baking spices, citrus, vanilla, leather, and caramel, these modern craft whiskeys are particularly tasty during the winter months. And experiences for travelers have leveled up beyond the gunslinging saloon, too. Read on for some of the most unique ways to savor the spirit this season. 

Where to Taste the West

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