Yes, you can still go camping in the winter. Here’s what you’ll need.

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You may be slightly averse to the idea of camping during winter weather. But you can still head out on outdoor adventures! Camping in your car allows you to stay sheltered from the elements. It can also be a fun middle ground between glamping in a cabin and roughing it out in a tent.

When camping in your car, it’s important to be prepared for outdoor adventures, and also stay comfortable. After a day of hiking or rock climbing, you’ll want to create a space to rest and recover, starting with converting the back of your car into a temporary bed. We recommend bundling up in wool blankets instead of cotton—which absorb moisture—or even plugging in a heated blanket to your car’s 12-volt outlet to stay warm in colder regions. In addition, you might try incorporating an inflatable car mattress on top of your seats for added comfort (and protection from seatbelt buckles).

On top of preparing your car, don’t forget other camping materials, like a portable stove and kitchen set. You can store these items in the front seat while you sleep in the back, or use external storage to make the most of the room available in your car. And, for lighting, skip the bulky lantern and opt for battery-powered string lights that will add a soft, cozy glow rather than light that’s a bit too bright for the car.

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We’ve compiled a list of the best gear to bring with you when car camping in the winter. Check it out below.

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