Each kit features provisions and tools designed to keep you safe for up to 72 hours until help arrives.

Be Ready for Any Emergency with This 72-Hour, Do-It-All Survival Kit

Courtesy of Decked

The easy-to-carry D Bag Survival Kit comes with 72 hours worth of critical supplies.
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Welcome to another WildLands gear iteration in which we highlight a piece of equipment you should be getting your hands on. We only recommend things we love. If you buy something through our site, we might earn a commission.

Winter weather is officially arriving across the West, ushering droves into outdoor playgrounds that can, without warning, pose serious hazards. Such circumstances are less daunting when adequately prepared, and few items are better suited to have you ready for a crisis than the D-Bag Emergency Kit, a do-it-all prep bag courtesy of a collaboration between Uncharted Supply Co. and the Ketchum, Idaho-based manufacturer Decked.

Each compact, easy-to-carry bag comes stocked with Uncharted’s Seventy2 Pro survival kit and features provisions and tools designed to keep you safe for up to 72 hours until help arrives. The 42-liter bag is made using water-resistant, military-grade, soft- and hard-shell construction built to withstand abuse in any setting, and a versatile strap and aluminum handle system offers the flexibility to use it anywhere, from a campsite to the office.

Courtesy of Decked

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As for its jam-packed Uncharted contents, the bag includes the following.


  • (1) Roll of duct tape
  • (1) Multitool
  • (1) Empire knife
  • (1) 100-foot roll of 550-pound paracord
  • (1) Fire starter
  • (1) Convertible shovel/pick axe
  • (2) Packs of waterproof matches

First Aid

  • (1) Standard first aid kit
  • (1) Emergency splint with instructions
  • (2) Emergency blankets
  • (2) Anti-bacterial wipes
  • (1) Bottle of sunscreen


  • (12) Ration bars
  • (1) Water filter
  • (1) 16 oz. refillable drinking pouch
  • (1) 48 oz. stainless steel water bottle


  • (1) Emergency tent shelter
  • (2) Handwarmers
  • (2) Knit hats
  • (2) Insulated, waterproof gloves


  • (1) Zeus portable power station and jump starter
  • (1) Flashlight
  • (1) Waterproof crank radio with USB charger


  • (2) Carbon filtration masks
  • (2) Military-grade chem lights
  • (2) Ballistic rated goggles

Pick up your D-Bag Emergency Kit for $650 (with free shipping anywhere in the contiguous U.S.) and learn more about the Decked crew‘s line of easily-accessible, anti-theft, weatherproof storage systems for trucks and conversion vehicles that are perfect for organizing camping gear, tools, hardware, hunting and fishing supplies, and any road trip or overlanding accessories.