From float trips on the river to setting up camp on the beach, the super-portable, thermoelectric BioLite stove can handle it all.

stove on ground produces low flame, attached battery pack charges phone
Courtesy of Biolite.

Having a camp stove handy to be able to enjoy hot food, tea, or coffee, not to mention to a little ambience, is a critical part of just about any camping outing.

Camp stoves span the spectrum of weight, from mobile varieties to bonfire types that become a permanent fixture in your backyard, and also vary on facets like smoke emission, the amount of wood they require, and more.

But then there are some, like the BioLite CampStove Complete Cook Kit, that take things an extra step further by adding in the capability of power generation to charge electronics.

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From float trips on the river to setting up camp on the beach, the super portable, thermoelectric BioLite stove, which weighs just 33 oz., can handle it all.

The fully-integrated kit features the smokeless stove, a portable grill that can fit up to four burgers, a space-saving kettle pot that stores inside the camp stove, coffee press accessories, a flex light to illuminate the cooking area, and a 3,200-mAh rechargeable battery that uses the heat of the stove’s cooking flame to generate power.

This process works thanks to a heat probe attached to the powerpack that captures wasted heat from the fire before converting it into electricity by way of the battery’s thermoelectric generator. The generator then powers a fan that sends electricity directly to the USB charging port to keep your electronics going while you’re in the backcountry. Any excess power from the flame’s charge, meanwhile, is kept stored inside the battery for later use.

Making its operation even better is a smart LED dashboard that provides detailed feedback in real time about things like fire strength, fan speed, and power output.

Additional features of the kit’s contents include:

  • Thin, stainless body
  • Aluminum legs that fold up for compact carrying
  • A technical design that spreads the flame evenly
  • A steel grill grate
  • Silicone seal to keep liquids from spilling
  • Cool touch handles for easy pouring of steamy beverages
  • A BPA-free high temperature transparent top that allows you to monitor boiling
  • Fuel intake lid that doubles as refueling source

Bottom line: This kit is mobile and it is efficient, with the ability to cook and grill just about anything or boil a liter of water in less than five minutes. The best part? You can do it all with a flame generated by only a handful of small twigs.

This bundle is a must-have—and one well worth the $250 price tag. Grab yours here.

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