Tim Hollinger and Spencer Arnold, co-owners of Bathing Culture, share the inside scoop on the foggy but lively Outer Sunset neighborhood in San Francisco

General Store
Courtesy of General Store

Tim Hollinger and Spencer Arnold have been perfecting their organic, biodegradable all-purpose soap for nearly four years, along with the philosophy that prioritizing personal and environmental health over profit is the grooviest (and only) way. Here, they share their favorite spots in their local city’s hip enclave by the ocean, the Outer Sunset.


Courtesy of Outerlands

For dinner, Hollinger suggests diving into Hook Fish Co. “They have the freshest of local fishies and amazing carrot hot sauce.” Grab a round of bread from Outerlands and a stick of butter from Other Avenues co-op next door for a late-night snack. “And if you’re still hungry in the morning,” Hollinger says, “sink your teeth into a 2-inch-thick slice of toast with butter and cinnamon from Trouble Coffee.” 


Arnold is all about parking lot beers at Ocean Beach. “Woods Outbound is a good local beer bar if you need to be professional about it.” 


Courtesy of General Store

Arnold spends a lot of time window-shopping at Mollusk Surf Shop. “They host art shows and have some groovy threads and boards.” Nearby is General Store (check out the lovely backyard, where Hollinger likes to sit and read) and Case for Making, which Arnold says has the best handmade local watercolors. 


Ocean Park Motel is like staying on an ocean liner from the 1930s,” Hollinger says. “All art deco and a wonderful hot tub!” Arnold prefers a cheaper approach: “Park your van along the highway to catch some surf in the foggy San Francisco mornings.” 


Courtesy of Mia Sullivan

“The Surfrider Foundation has great Sunday beach cleanups,” says Hollinger. “There are dance parties and even the occasional Bathing Culture bottling party!” Arnold suggests a day in Golden Gate Park. “Nothing is better than listening to hummingbirds buzz by while watching the sunset beaming over the bridge from Strawberry Hill.”