Seniors are the hot users on Airbnb, booking some of the coolest experiences in the West

Airbnb Steamship Concert
Courtesy of Airbnb

Airbnb might seem like a millennial-favored platform for finding somewhere to stay and something to do on your next trip, but it’s the senior demographic that’s taking over. Not only are senior hosts up 1100% over last year, but they’re also booking more Airbnb Experiences — up 260% — one of the travel platform’s recently added features for booking activities with locals, from surfing with a San Diegan to going on a zen nature adventure in San Francisco.

So, where are seniors going on all these Experiences? The major trend in the West seems to be private or small-scale concerts, ranging from shows on boats to classic chamber performances. Water experiences are popular as well, with kayaking and canoeing both on the top ten list.

Here are the most-booked Airbnb Experiences by seniors in the West.

#1: Speakeasy Cocktail Expedition, Seattle

Interested in the speakeasy scene of Seattle? A local cocktail connoisseur brings guests to three hidden-away cocktail bars to experience the art of cocktail creation and learn about the booming distillery industry across Washington State.

#2: Secret Concert in a Mansion

Explore a historic Seattle mansion before settling into the library for a private, unplugged concert with two up-and-coming musicians.

#3: Intimate Concert on a Steamship

Small concerts seem to be a senior favorite for Airbnb Experiences. The cozy venue of the S.S. Virginia V Steamship is hard to resist.

#4: La Jolla Kayak and Snorkel Tour, San Diego

Kayaking and snorkeling in La Jolla’s waters is an iconic San Diego activity, so it’s no surprise that this Experience is a hit.

#5: Kayak in La Jolla

Want to just kayak? This Experience has you covered.

#6: Lakehouse Jazz & Funk

Local San Francisco composers put on an intimate concert inside a hidden boathouse in Golden Gate Park.

#7: The Curran Theater Music

Enter through the Curran Theater’s secret side entrance to experience the unseen world behind the curtains, and hear live music, including bluegrass, funk, classical, and more, all while sitting on stage.

#8: Chamber Music

Love classical music? Squeeze into an art gallery for this chamber music performance.

#9: Zen Canoe Voyage on the River

Explore Portland’s Willamette River, with views of downtown and spots like Ross Island, via a peaceful canoe ride, guided by a local boater.

#10: Aerial Tram and Rooftop Tour

Hoping to explore Portland from above? Try this tour by Portland’s aerial tram, culminating in a stop on a local rooftop for amazing city views.