Explore local neighborhoods like never before with Airbnb’s latest features
10 Amazing Airbnb Experiences on the West Coast

Heard Airbnb’s latest news yet? The local lodging app is making your next trip easier than ever with two new offerings in their app: Experiences. Experiences offers excursions and activities for you to purchase and experience, hosted by the community of locals that has made Airbnb a home lodging success.

These Experiences have launched in twelve initial cities across the globe, including the West’s own San Francisco and Los Angeles. These immersive activities usually take place over one to three days, and are usually around $200 per person, but range depending on the Experience’s itinerary.

We’ve put together our recommendations for some of the coolest new Experiences, whether you’re a local looking for fun new things to do in your hometown or a traveler planning a trip to one of these cities. You’re able to book Experiences as well as your Airbnb rental, and plan your next trip all through the Airbnb app.




Zen Explorers

This three-day nature adventure immerses you in the Bay Area’s best beaches and forests through hiking, paddle boarding, and even a picnic. It’s hosted by a local surfer and CrossFit coach who aims to helpguests use mindfulness to connect with nature, and themselves. $300 per person.

Caring for Bayview

This two-day social impact immersion’s entire price goes towards Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco. You’ll get the chance to both explore the Bayview neighborhood and repair a local home, while learning about critical safety and accessibility issues that affect how a home is constructed. $125 per person.

San Francisco Streets

Learn about the life of a street artist with a San Francisco native large-scale mural artist. This two-day excursion takes you on neighborhood tours and culminates in creating your own artwork. $210 per person.

Microfinance Champion

Would it be the Bay Area if you couldn’t get a taste of entrepreneurship? For three days, learn about microfinancing from the CEO of Working Solutions, a nonprofit organization that gives microloans to local businesses and offers free consulting to help entrepreneurs achieve their business dreams. You’ll get to visit tasty local businesses that Working Solutions has helped, and the entire fee goes towards the organization. $160 per person.

Craft Cocktails Class

Learn about the art of mixology in this three-hour class from the bar director at The Dorian, one of San Francisco’s premier cocktail destinations. Learn how they use fresh produce to craft libations and ultimately create your own drink recipe together.  $100 per person




Adventure Man

Surf and sleep under the stars on this three-day camping adventure with the Adventure Man. He’ll take you to spots off L.A.’s beaten path and to explore the coast of Malibu while you camp and surf, with private instruction on riding waves. $349 per person.

Wellness Warrior

Embrace the yoga lifestyle on this three-day wellness immersion with a yogi-entrepreneur. You’ll take a private class, go on an astrology hike, and experience sunset meditation in L.A. and Venice Beach. $169 per person.

The Unlikely Florist

Learn the ropes of a New Zealander expat’s mobile floral shop, from sourcing materials at the flower market to creating floral art that you’ll get to sell yourself on Abbot Kinney Boulevard. $195 per person.

Urban Ecologist

Discover the eco-friendly side of Venice on this three-day excursion, exploring urban gardens, learning about a machine that converts ocean air into drinking water, and even creating your own eco-friendly home goods. All proceeds go towards L.A.’s Community Healing Gardens. $200 per person.

Escape Bus

Love games? Challenge yourself with immersive escape rooms, board games, and even a murder mystery on this experience. A great choice for large groups. $175 per person.

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