Just when we thought the classic Leatherman tool couldn’t get any better….

Leatherman Bond Unfolded
Hugh Garvey

At Sunset we are professed fans of Leatherman products. Editor in chief Hugh Garvey has owned an iconic patent-pending Leatherman Super Tool PST for over two decades and, true story, routinely uses it to produce photo shoots for the magazine. Whether it’s doing light repairs on-set or around the house, tightening up appliances and furniture, opening packages and boxes, or assisting at the campsite or in the kitchen, the PST (that’s Pocket Survival Tool to the uninitiated) is our go-to piece of gear that can do the job of a box full of tools. So when we found out Leatherman was coming out with a new multi-tool inspired by the original PST, we couldn’t wait to give it a spin. The new Leatherman is called the Bond and it’s a slightly scaled-down, modernized evolution of its bigger sibling. After playing around with one for a week, we’re as enthusiastic about it as we are about the original Leatherman. Here are eight things we love about the new Leatherman Bond.

Leatherman Tool Folded Up

Hugh Garvey

It Looks Great

Simply stated, it’s beautiful. While other tools can look out of place in many settings, the svelte brushed stainless steel Bond has a sleek aesthetic that’s mid-century modern in its minimalist looks but timeless too.

The Grip Is Good

The Bond is ever so slightly tapered and beveled here and there, smooth yet grippy, and feels exceptionally stable in your hands when you’re using any of the folding tools. When you invert the grip to use the pliers or wire cutters, you’ll find the stamped metal edges are rolled to allow you to grip tightly yet comfortably.

Leatherman Bond Use Where You Like

Hugh Garvey

It’s Light But Loaded

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At just 5.8 ounces the Bond is about 3 ounces lighter than the PST but still is stainless-steel sturdy and boasts 14-tool functionality, including best-in-class needle-nose and standard plier capabilities, wire and hardwire cutters, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers in multiple sizes, a wire stripper, and a razor-sharp 420hc blade. 

It’s Everyday Carry-Ready

In addition to the lower weight the compact design fits right into your pocket or purse without taking up too much bulk. If you opt to keep it in your pocket there’s an attachment point for an optional pocket clip so it will always be at the ready.

It’s Cool for Camping

Toss the Bond in your camping kit and you’ll be ready for those little field repairs you never anticipate. And should you feel the urge for crafting in the field, we’ve heard folks have had great success making leather goods with the awl.

It’s Perfect on Kitchen Patrol

Our Bond’s 420HC blade has proven itself a capable slicer of apples, cutter of farmstead cheddars, sliverer of garlic, and server of sausage. It has also popped the top of sodas and beers, and while we haven’t yet used the can opener to set up a canned chili dinner, we like to know it’s there should we need it.

It Can Do Desk Duty

Letter opener? Box cutter? Check and check. Handsome paperweight? Check. Tightener of loose desk-chair fittings? Check. Filer of nails? Check. In this WFH world, the Bond has proven itself a worthy office mate.

Leatherman as Pencil Sharpener

Hugh Garvey

The Price Is Right

At just $49.95, the Bond is ounce-for-ounce, tool-for-tool, a smart buy. Particularly when you factor in its functionality and heirloom-worthy build quality. You know what’s better than a multi tool? Multi multi tools! At this price, you can buy a few to stash in your vehicle, house, and office. 

Leatherman Bond, $49.95

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