Hurting from home? Here’s how to build an ergonomic home office.

Matt Bean  – October 16, 2020 | Updated October 23, 2020

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How’s the armageddon going for ya? Back never felt better, right? Hip flexors in fine form? Shoulders pulled back and the top of your head pointed proudly toward the sky like a ballerina?

Us neither. Six months of work-from-home hell has meant slouched postures to match our national mood, meals eaten over our laptops, and the psychological discordance of spending nearly all our time in the same room, sometimes with kids screaming over Zoom calls.

There’s not much we can do to end the pandemic, beyond our individual responsibility to make safe, smart decisions. But what you can control is your personal environment, your routine, and most importantly when it comes to your home office, the ergonomics of your setup.

We’ve already written about doing an aesthetic upgrade to your WFH environment, which will boost your mood and maybe give you a backdrop for conference calls that helps you stand out. But removing the micro-frictions in your posture, your screen vision, and more can eliminate lingering pain that sometimes grows into all-out bio-mechanical shutdown.

Compassionate employers who recognize that our homes have become offices aren’t just reimbursing for internet speed boosts and the occasional meal—they’re also offering stipends for improving your WFH setup.

What follows is all the gear you’ll need to keep your body in top shape no matter how grueling the workload.

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