Enter ultimate relaxation mode with CBD-infused massages

Four Moons Spa
Courtesy of Four Moons Spa / Jeremy Searle

A little extra relaxation goes a long way. Spas across the West are adding a new ingredient to their massages: cannabidiol, or CBD, oil. CBD is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis and acts as a natural pain reliever; it’s become a popular addition to topical body products as it reduces discomfort with no THC-like side effects (i.e., the “high” associated with cannabis consumption). When used in topicals, CBD oil enhances the relaxing sensation of a massage. Give it a try at one of these locations.


Spa at St. Julien

Get “The Ultimate Colorado Bliss Experience” at the Spa at St. Julien, with a scrub, wrap, and massage trio of CBD treatments. The hour and forty-five minute experience costs $175.


Indulgences Day Spa

For $35, add CBD deep-tissue balm to any of Indulgences’ massage treatments. You can choose between using the CBD balm on a specific body area or as a full-body treatment.

LoDo Massage Studio

Upgrade LoDo Massage Studio’s signature Mile High Massage with the Apothecanna Pain Crème option. It’s infused with CBD, along with arnica, peppermint, and juniper, and ranges from $75 – $145.

Peace of Mind Massage

Reach canna-bliss with Peace of Mind’s Cannabless CBD Massage. Add it to other massage sessions for $10, or for $20 if you’d like to bring the CBD salve home afterwards.

Courtesy of Four Moons Spa / Wellness Month

Los Angeles


Los Angeles nail salon Bellacures offers “Canna-cures,” adding in a CBD bath bomb, CBD scrub, CBD pain-relief lotion, and even CBD chocolate for their Canni-Mani and Canni-Pedi, each costing $60-$65.

Ritz-Carlton Spa

The Ritz-Carlton Spa now offers two CBD spa treatments, plus the ability to add CBD onto regular massage treatment for $40. There’s the $120 CBD Pedicure with an infused bath bomb soak and CBD oil, while the CBD Healing Massage includes a drop of CBD tincture under the tongue and five activated hemp massage products, ranging from $245 – $310.

Larchmont Sanctuary Spa

Score a CBD massage, or add on a CBD Hydrotherapy session, while at Larchmont Sanctuary Spa. The hydrotherapy treatment has a bath bomb with CBD and Epsom salts, costs $80, and needs to be booked with another one-hour service.


Spa Solage

At the Spa Solage at Solage, an Auberge Resort, you can upgrade your massage to include CBD oil for just $10. Or, get the complete luxury experience of a full body exfoliation, rich shea butter massage, foot rejuvenation, and a scalp and hair renewal with their perfectly priced $420 Mellow Me Out service

Mount View Hotel

Score a CBD massage at the Mount View Hotel, or try their unexpected Sound Healing with CBD Wrap to drift into nirvana, using Binaural Beats, which play two different frequencies at once to create a new tone for the brain to focus and meditate on. The wraps range from $80 – $135, depending on how long you’d like to be cocooned in CBD for, with a headset of different Binaural Beats included.



This Seattle spa has an entire Spa-Canna menu dedicated to a variety of CBD massages. Habitude leans into the earthy nature of CBD with elemental-themed massages, like Moon Spirit balancing massage and Air Serene calming massage, each $162.

Courtesy of Four Moons Spa / Jeremy Searle

San Diego

Four Moons Spa

The Four Moons Spa (above) of North County’s Encinitas offers a popular CBD service—the Thrival CBD Massage. The treatment costs $130 – $170 and focuses on adjusting imbalances in the body.

The Green Tea Spa

They’re all about the green at this spot. The Green Tea Spa specializes in the CBD spa experience, from CBD beverages, infused foot soaks, and even a CBD Sugar Polish. The CBD massages range from $99 – $148.

San Francisco


This organic day spa in Hayes Valley offers two CBD-infused massage treatments, Ritual to Soothe and Ritual to Calm. The treatments each use a different CBD body oil made by Omcali, and pricing ranges from $190-$245.

Remède Spa

Looking for a little pain relief? The St. Regis hotel’s Remède Spa offers an add-on for just that. Their popular CBD Oil Pain Relief Massage enhancement costs $75 to add onto another treatment.

Kabuki Springs & Spa

This spa might catch your eye for the Japanese-style communal baths, but their menu includes a CBD Massage that uses an aromatic and anti-inflammatory balm. The massages range from $125 – $191, and the balm is yours to keep afterwards.