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These Hotel Bed Hacks Will Give You the Best Sleep of Your Life
Tanveer Badal
Hotel Figueroa offers a "Rest & Recovery" suite so you can catch up on sleep.

We’re just past National Sleep Awareness Week, and for those of us who have wrestled with restlessness, let this be a friendly reminder to stay on track with our regimens. As a travel editor who has spent over 15 years coping with jet lag and the sleepless nights that come along with finding myself in a foreign place, I know that when you find a truly great hotel bed that allows for a full night’s slumber, it can be a magical thing. I’ve tried it all to dial it in, from tracking my REM with an Oura ring to doing an overnight in a sleep suite at the Figueroa Hotel. Thankfully, many hotels now have shoppable setups, offering their pillows, duvets, and sheet sets for purchase. Here are some that are on my wishlist.

Photo by Thomas J. Story

Taylor River Lodge

I had some of the best sleep of my life while overnighting at the Taylor River in Crested Butte for our winter wellness issue. Sure, the ice baths in the river and meditation could have had a lot to do with it, but these truly were the most cloud-like beds I have ever sunk into. The Ultra Down pillows and duvets come from DownTown Company, and the covers and sheets are from the luxury Italian linen company Fili D’Oro.

Photo courtesy of Four Seasons

Four Seasons

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Some of the most comfortable nights of sleep in my life were at the Four Seasons Costa Palmas, and it wasn’t just the sound of the Baja waves that were lulling me off to dreamland. The bedding at Four Seasons hotels is always phenomenal, and you can get the whole kit and caboodle for your home. According to Four Seasons, the set is “Crafted to effortlessly recreate the Four Seasons sleep experience at home. It includes all the signature ingredients—Linens, Down & Feather Pillows, Euro Pillows, and All Seasons Duvet—in one exclusive bundle. Sleeping just got dreamier.”

Photo courtesy of Hilton


Hilton properties are known for their consistently comfy beds, so much so that they opened a storefront that not only sells bedding, but the beds themselves. If you really want to splurge on the whole setup, they offer a combo of box spring, mattress, and all the bedding, which starts at a cool $3,046. If that’s too rich for your blood and you’d rather start with a pillow set, their down and feather pillows are also for sale, and come in a vegan option. According to Hilton, “Our pillow offers the perfect combination of support and fluff through an inner chamber of feathers and outer layer of down. Make for less twisting and turning at night and more restful sleep with the Hilton feather and down pillow in two support styles, firm or soft.”

Photo courtesy of Ace Hotels

Ace Hotel

Is a proper sleep complete without a great robe? I’d argue not. I’ve owned one of these Ace Hotel for years, and it’s held up with daily use. Canada-based Wings + Horns concocted this combo of an old-school boxing robe and a modern-day hooded sweatshirt. The comfortable French terry comes in charcoal grey and navy, and has two front pockets for stashing your phone or remote while lounging.


Photo courtesy of Ritz-Carlton


It’d be impossible to have a conversation about luxury hotel bedding without mentioning Frette, the iconic bedding brand based in Monza, Italy, that supplies many of the world’s finest hotel collections including the Waldorf-Astoria in Beverly Hills and many Ritz-Carlton properties. The Ritz-Carlton describes their line as, “Crisp, clean, and all you need to round out your sleep experience, our sheets are crafted of combed cotton sateen in an iconic hotel white hue. Complete the luxuriously simplistic look by adding guest favorite bedding and pillows.”

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