How pairing crystals and plants can alleviate stress and cultivate abundance.

Plants and Crystals

When it’s time to hit the refresh button on your home decor, greening your space with vibrant houseplants perched in dip-dyed terracotta pots is a surefire way to create beauty, balance, and harmony in your home. But if you’re looking to elevate your plant game and take it to the next level, there’s a new trend you should know about––and it involves crystals.

Enter Cosmic Botany, a modern guide to houseplants and crystals that bridges the gap between these two well-loved decorating trends. In fact, plants and crystals have a deep, everlasting connection because they are natural elements that work best when paired together. A plant will use its grounded energy from the earth to keep the crystal supercharged and renewed, and the crystal will encourage the plant to be healthy and verdant with its high-vibrational energy signature. It’s a sustainable partnership that not only adds lovely hints of color to your home but also has the power to bring cosmic harmony into your space. 

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Here, a guide to get you started:

Pair Amazonite with String-of-Pearls Plant

Matching a string-of-pearls plant with an amazonite will help you thoughtfully reflect on the present moment, eliminate anxiety, and create a bliss bomb of serenity in your space.

Pair Succulents with Rainbow Fluorite

Pairing delicate succulents with rainbow fluorite will nudge you to go with the flow and may inspire you to declutter and organize your home.

Pair Aloe with Apophyllite

If wellness is your vibe, aloe plant and apophyllite will create a bubble of relaxing energy to help you unwind and make self-care a priority.

Pair Pothos with Golden Pyrite

Golden pyrite and pothos paired cultivate abundance—something every multi-hyphenate needs in her toolkit. 

Looking for more plant and crystal pairings? You can explore 48 unique combinations in Cosmic Botany. It’s the perfect book for plant ladies and wellness junkies looking for fun ways to green their space and layer in their favorite crystals.