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Release tension with this easy routine for better sleep

Jasmin Perez  – April 4, 2020 | Updated June 4, 2020

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I’ve never been a great sleeper. Once work, dinner prep, and taking my dog out for his nightly walk are over, anxiety sets in. I toss and turn, thinking about everything from the state of the world to my ever-growing to-do list. So, I do the old song and dance with my glowing screen––scanning Instagram and Apple News before eventually tiring out.

Over the past year I’ve cultivated some lasting and helpful sleep habits to ensure I get at least seven hours, but with the recent mandated quarantine, getting a good night’s sleep has been tougher than ever.

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Luckily, I recently rediscovered my foam roller in the back of my closet (stay tuned for my quarantine decluttering adventure). I was first introduced to foam rolling through alignment specialist, Lauren Roxburgh, and have been following her Instagram and YouTube channel for routines ever since. Here’s an easy, 5-minute bedtime routine you can do with or without a foam roller:

The Ultimate Foam Roller

Aligned Foam Roller $65 from Lauren Roxburgh

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Along with leaving my phone in the other room, I’ve made a few other routine and bedroom upgrades to aid my quest for longer, more restful sleep:

Nontoxic Bedding

I swapped my heavy cotton duvet cover for this hemp version by Amber Fort. It’s more breathable and airy, naturally hypoallergenic, and mildew-resistant. My favorite part is that it’s thermoregulating, so I feel comfortable no matter the condition.

Hemp Duvet $335 from Amber Fort

Upgraded Organic Mattress

We spend roughly one-third of our lives sleeping (or attempting to), so finding a mattress free of harmful chemicals like petroleum-based polyurethane foam and flame retardants is important. I purchased an Avocado Mattress and haven’t looked back. Check labels and descriptions for GOTS-certified. If you can’t swing a big purchase like a new mattress, opt for nontoxic pillows and sheets.

Green Mattress $1399 from Avocado Mattress
Cloud Pillow, set of two $90 from Buffy

A Diffuser for Calm Bedroom Vibes

Not only is Vitruvi’s stone essential oil diffuser beautifully minimalist, but it also fills your home with soothing scents scents like eucalyptus, lavender, ylang ylang, geranium, and more.

White Stone Diffuser $119 from Vitruvi
Quiet $26 from Vitruvi

Drinkable Beauty Sleep

I’m not big on melatonin––the all-natural sleep aid has always put me in a funk the next day––so I was a little apprehensive about The Beauty Chef. I was wrong. The passionflower and lemon balm promote restful sleep and soothes mild anxiety, while also combatting inflammation. My nightly tonic now consists of 1 tsp of the power mixed with a drizzle of Manuka honey and warm oat milk about an hour before bed.

Sleep Inner Beauty Powder $60 from The Beauty Chef

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Cozy Pajamas

Since I’ve been in quarantine, I’ve been wearing sweatpants (like most folks) all day. I then crawl into bed––you guessed it––wearing the same sweatpants. I found that changing into dedicated pajamas before bed really helps separate day from night.

Dreamy Pajama Set $78 from J.Crew

Now all that’s left to do is to hit the sack. 😴

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