If you worry about your home when you’re away, these clever ways to use smart plugs just might bring you peace of mind

Kitchen Smart Outlet
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If you’re the type to have niggling thoughts about the lights or the oven still being turned on after you’ve left the house, smart plugs are here to allay your concerns. Smart plugs are plugged into an outlet, and then another device can be plugged into that smart plug to get its power. The smart side uses WiFi to connect with your phone so you can control the flow of electricity, allowing you to cut off power when you aren’t home, or turn it on at a certain time. These smart plugs can talk to other smart devices in your home, like smart speakers. Hack every room in your home with these simple smart plug solutions.

Bathroom: Hot Tools

If your bathroom tends to have curling or straightening irons, try plugging them into a smart outlet to make sure they didn’t get left on in the midst of rushing out the door for work.

Kitchen: Appliances, Big and Small

Got a slow cooker without a timer, or a hot plate you always worry is still on? Plug it into a handy dandy smart outlet. Or, solve your morning caffeine fix.

Living Room: Lights, Action

Hate it when the lamp is left on? Cut off the power remotely for peace of mind. Conversely, do you worry that the house looks too dark (translation: vacant) when you’ve gone out to dinner? Smart outlets can also turn lights or lamps on to make it look like someone’s home. You can also use smart plugs to cut off power to the TV if you’re suspicious of the kids tuning in past bedtime.

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Bedroom: Wake-up Call

In the bedroom, smart outlets can make mornings a little easier by automatically turning on a light with your alarm, or maybe a fan or space heater to motivate you to unfurl yourself from the covers.

Kids’ Room: Light the Night

Want to make sure the lights are really out at bedtime, or that the nightlight turns off after a certain hour? Add a smart outlet to any of the lights you want to control.

Those Hard-to-Reach Spots

Smart outlets easy your body in addition to your mind. There’s that one outlet that can only be reached by climbing behind the couch or under a table, and it’s always the perfect spot for fun or festive lights (especially around the holidays). Add a smart outlet to easily turn those special lights on and off, no awkward body contortions required.

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