It’s the gift that keeps on giving, basically.

Festive Winter Still Life
Tabitazn/Getty Imagse

The countdown has begun, so why not mark every day leading up to Dec. 25 with a treat? The season is stressful enough as it is! An advent calendar is a fun way to celebrate the season and add a little bit of joy to your day—if you’re not familiar, it holds a small treat, gift, craft, or any tchotchke, really, for each day leading up to Christmas. You get to open one of those surprises daily, so it’s kind of like the gift that keeps on giving.

There are so many different types of calendars, too—ones for wine lovers and foodies, others that contain beauty and self-care goodies, some for crafty friends, and there are even calendars for your furry friends. Like I mentioned above, the holidays can get stressful and hectic, so you can use an advent calendar as a wind-down ritual at the end of the day (open one after a long day at work) and to avert any grinch-y feelings that may come up. Want to snag one for this year? I’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites from Western-based brands. (Interested? Don’t hesitate; they’re selling quickly.)

Take a Look at Some Advent Calendar Options Below

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