Special napkin holders for a special Thanksgiving

Ann Bertelsen,  – September 10, 2004

Ornament each place setting on your Thanksgiving table with these easy-to-create seasonal napkin holders, made from readily available miniature pumpkins.

Clean miniature pumpkins. For the ivy-garnished ring, insert a small screwdriver through the side of the pumpkin to create a hole. Cut a 24-inch strip of fine-gauge wire; fold in half and insert through hole. Bring all of the ends to the top of the pumpkin and twist them together, shaping a ring large enough to accommodate a folded napkin. Insert the napkin through the ring and tuck a few miniature ivy leaves through the wire for a decorative effect.

For a simple napkin ring, core the pumpkin with a small paring knife. Wipe and dry thoroughly before inserting the napkin.

Photos: Tucker and Hossler

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