These monthly subscription boxes will give your pup another great reason to constantly bark at the mailman!
8 Subscription Boxes for the Loyal Pooch in Your Life

So you’ve found yourself single on Valentine’s Day—again. But are you really #foreveralone when you have a constant best friend waiting at home with a wagging tail and loads of kisses every day?

In my opinion, dogs are the best Valentines—they won’t complain about cuddling, they’re a cheap date, and they definitely won’t hog the wine and chocolates. But as with any Valentine, you should give back a little to your furry friend for his constant love and affection.

What’s the perfect gift that keeps on giving? These monthly subscription boxes that will give your pup another great reason to constantly bark at the mailman!

1. Doggie Lawn

Doggie Lawn is definitely one of those services that you had no idea you needed. The company will deliver a patch of all natural real grass to your pup once a month for a maintenance-free way to get your dog to do his business. Perfect for working dog moms trying to train their fur baby, these units smell like real grass (unlike potty pads or faux grass).

If you’re raising your puppy in a city or urban area, this might be the perfect solution for a small outdoor space that lacks foliage like a patio or a balcony. Since the product is an actual living plant, the root bed is able to break down odors and the entire thing is compostable at the end of the month. It almost seems too good to be true for only $24 a month!

2. Dog’s Best Trend

Another unique service, Dog’s Best Trend is perfect if your dog is into keeping up on all the latest fashion trends. So if you can’t keep your dog from dipping into your InStyle magazine each month, you might want to invest in this pawesome subscription service.

Dog’s Best Trend will send you a high-quality satin scarf every month for $10 or less. The scarves are sourced designs from fashion designers and artists around the world and are exclusive to the service. Just make sure you watch your sweetie at the dog park – the French bulldogs won’t be able to keep their paws off of her!

3. Barkbox

Perhaps one of the most well-known subscription boxes in the doggy world, BarkBox is Bark & Co’s curated monthly box filled with the best treats and toys for your dog’s needs. Does your dog have allergies? There’s a treat for that. Is Fido a heavy chewer? BarkBox has the toy that will curb that habit.

Not only do the themed monthly boxes start at only $21, but if your pup doesn’t dig something that came in his box, the company will fix it for you according to their Scout’s Honor policy. Although I can personally attest to the fact that you will be making very few calls to Customer Service, as all treats and toys are dog-tested and approved. My 3-year-old Pomeranian never met a BarkBox she didn’t like, and now she’s convinced every package that comes through my apartment door is for her. #Princess.

4. Loot Pets

Loot Pets by Loot Crate is a super unique box filled with the perfect goodies for your nerdy pup. The monthly mystery crate is filled with fun apparel, toys, accessories, tasty treats and exclusive gear from popular franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, and more! For $15 a month, you can celebrate your favorite guilty pleasures with your pup. Can you say canine cosplay?!

5. Pupbox

If you’ve recently brought a new puppy into your life and pretty much have no idea what the heck you’re doing, PupBox is ideal for you. Not only does the box provide monthly toys, treats, and accessories for your puppy, but it also includes a ton of training information that you might need if you find yourself constantly yelling “Don’t eat that!” and “Not in the house!”

For $39 a month, PupBox includes 5-7 products that will help walk you through the joys and challenges of puppyhood. And if that doesn’t convince you enough, the company was also featured on ABC’s Shark Tank last year!

6.  The Farmer’s Dog

Is your pup a picky eater or just ridiculously spoiled? The Farmer’s Dog is essentially Blue Apron for your pup, allowing you to become a personal chef to your own celebridog.

For prices starting at $15 a month, your dog will receive daily meal packs made entirely of human-grade ingredients to meet your pup’s personal needs. Designed by veterinarians, these meals provide the perfect nutritional diet for your furry friend as opposed to dried dog food with less-than-ideal add-ins. And aside from the health benefits, these meal packs are so tasty, even humans might want a bite.

So for Valentine’s Day we’d suggest lighting a few candles, laying out this home-cooked meal, and having the best doggie date night Fido could ever dream of. 

7. Pupjoy

PupJoy is perhaps the most customizable subscription box we’ve seen yet. There are 28 options to personalize your dog’s box so he can get the perfect treats and toys for his needs.

Aside from the fact that you can essentially hand-pick your monthly box, PupJoy will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside too. The company partners with BISSELL Pet Foundation providing $2 of every order to animal welfare. That is definitely the gift that keeps on giving.

8. Bark If You Want Some

Bark If You Want Some is a fun service that allows customers to pick specific themes for their pup’s monthly box! For example, there is a Sports theme if your dog can’t wait for the Super Bowl, a Beauty theme if your dog loves getting pampered, and a Holidog theme for when Fido is just trying to get into the spirit.

Aside from the fun thematic packages, a percentage of the proceeds from each box purchased ($28 a month) goes to Lend a Paw which sponsors a specific dog in need. Heart-eye emoji.

9. Pawpack

PawPack is one of those subscription boxes that simply has it all. Each month, your pup will get a box filled with all kinds of goodies including the healthiest all-natural treats and chews made with real meat and wholesome ingredients (and from small businesses!)  Not only are the edible treats nutritional for your four-legged friend, but the company strives to choose all items that are organic and eco-friendly to give back to not only your pet, but also the environment. Now that’s a mission we can get behind!

For $35 a month, this pack is the perfect gift for your pup. And because we love your four-legged friends so much, you can get 50% off a PawPack by entering the code “instyledog” at checkout.

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