Learn how to make this easy yet elegant DIY holiday decorating project.

By Sunset Staff

You don’t need much to create stunning wreaths with tillandsias–air plants are eye-catching on their own. These minimalist wreaths are made with an embroidery hoop, gold spray-painted berries, cloth strips, hot glue, and air plants.

Start by sandwiching your fabric strip inside the embroidery hoop. Tighten the hoop to hold the fabric in place before trimming off the excess with sharp scissors. Apply beads of hot glue to attach the gold spray-painted berries and leaves. One or two sprigs should be plenty depending on the size of your hoop. Adhere your air plants to the hoop with hot glue or use florist’s wire if you’d like to reuse the air plants later or keep your wreath up longer. It only takes one or two air plants to top off the elegant decoration.

This project is perfect for making holiday decor, but you can also swap out the messages or fabric for the season or leave it out as a simple wreath that you can use year-round. Since tillandsia don’t require soil, air plants are some of the easiest plants to keep alive. If you opted to attach your air plants with wire, simply take them off your wreath and soak them in water for a couple of hours once a week to keep them fresh and thriving. Place your wreath in bright indirect light to encourage your air plants to grow. Since these circulation-loving plants will do best with good airflow, consider hanging your wreath on the wall or leaning it on a shelf. It’s also best to bring in your wreath during wet weather. Air plants are easily damaged by dampness so be sure to keep them fully dry between their weekly soaks. Your wreath will happily hang out in temperatures from 50-90 degrees, but frost will kill your tillandsia.

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