Meet Sonu Mathew, Senior Interior Designer for Benjamin Moore

Sonu Mathew
Sonu Mathew's design style is influenced by fashion, culture, socioeconomics, and technology

Benjamin Moore, Senior Interior Designer

Sonu Mathew has a celebratory approach to design and color. She believes they help redefine, reinvent, and rejuvenate not only an environment, but also its inhabitants. 

Sonu cultivated her affinity for the use of color while designing for brands such as the Four Seasons, Intercontinental, and Starwood. Her repertoire expanded with corporate design experience at Gensler in Atlanta and Northern Virginia/DC. For the last several years with Benjamin Moore, Sonu has been the creative force behind Ensemble®, a quarterly magazine geared towards architects & designers. She has also collaborated with design firms to develop innovative concepts for the company’s designer showrooms in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Sonu continues to actively research emerging trends in color and design. A variety of influences, including fashion, culture, socioeconomics, and technology, shape her thoughts on color design.