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Add a little rock ‘n’ roll to your outdoor space with pavers, gravel, and more hardscape design elements

Nena Farrell  – December 5, 2018 | Updated January 17, 2019

Upgrade with Gravel

One of the easiest ways to get started with hardscaping? Gravel. Use it as a pathway material, or as the flooring for your al fresco dining area.

Tetris Tiles


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Stone tiles are another hardscaping favorite. Create a fun design on a lawn, as shown above, or use it to line a path from the house.

Triple Rock

This mixed-media permeable paving uses square pavers, pebbles, and gravel to retain moisture and create textural and visual interest.

Step Up


Is your yard on a slope? Add stone steps for both hardscaping flair and easy navigation.

Hard Organics


Combine soft greenery like clover or moss with roughly rounded rocks for a natural feel in a hardscaped walkway.

Picturesque Patio


Hardscaping doesn’t have to be large-scale. Create a cozy patio with stone tiles and simple cloth chairs.

Neutral Walls


Walls and fencing count as hardscaping, too. We love this gray and white wall combo to line a modern yard.

Rocky Plots


Give the backyard a rock garden vibe with these square plots lined with gravel and a stone path.

Surprising Pavers


Create a geometric walk-up with earthy pavers, like the ones from our 2018 Los Gatos Idea House.