It’s like the Sunset Idea House, but literally three times bigger—and better.

Burdge House Malibu
Courtesy of Douglas Burdge Architecture

For more than 120 years, Sunset has helped define the Western lifestyle. From embracing the rich heritage of the West to promoting bold new styles and ideas in architecture, home design, and living, we’ve helped you create the life you love, with the people you love.

For years, we’ve channeled all of this energy into an annual project: The Sunset Idea House. This year, we’re thrilled to announce not just one, but three homes. And best of all, we’re launching the Sunset Idea Hub, your ultimate destination for inspiration, motivation, and activation in your own home and life.

From project plans to weekend renovations; from design trends to up-and-coming stars in the field; from smart homes, appliances fixtures, and DIY product reviews to historical deep dives into our archives, the Idea Hub will be a must-read for anyone looking to live big out West.

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The Idea Hub is also where you’ll find regular updates on all of our projects:

Sunset Malibu is a partnership with the unparalleled Malibu architecture firm Burdge and Associates. Already our partners in the Sunset BUD home, alongside cutting-edge firm Plant Prefab, Burdge is helping a resident affected by the creekside fires in Malibu to reclaim her property.

The Sunset Beach House features the renovation of a coveted beachfront property in Malibu. With a porch that merges seamlessly with the sand, this showstopper offers views that can’t be beat, and a cozy surf-side entertaining bungalow feel.

The Sunset Desert House brings us to the Palm Springs area, where we’re doing a cosmetic turn-around on a home perfect for entertaining, whether it’s over the holidays or when (hopefully!) the festival seasons return.

In all, the Idea Hub will be a fresh source of everyday energy and ideas for the homeowner in the West, and the pinnacle of our design and renovation coverage here at Sunset.