The modern Idea House is an automated one. And by turning your TV and smartphone into a control center for your entire home, SAGE is making smart homes even smarter.
How SAGE is Turning the Idea House into a Smart Home

1.  Cameras
Connect up to 8 cameras inside and outside your home and monitor them from anywhere—whether you’re checking in for peace of mind, or showing off your beautiful new backsplash to a friend. You’re allowed to brag.

2.  Sensors
Advanced motion detection can identify unexpected movement in your home and notify you on the spot. It’s also pet-friendly, so Fluffy McFlufferson won’t be sending you false alarms any time soon.

3.  Locks
Remembering to lock your doors is pretty automatic. But somewhere between doctor’s appointments, errands, homework, bills, the post office, and dinner reservations, it can sometimes get drowned out. But with locks that you can control via your phone, SAGE makes securing your doors as easy as forgetting to lock them in the first place. 

4.  Lights
Those stylish pendant lights just got even more sophisticated. SAGE makes it easy to manage and automate the lighting in your home with motion sensors, dimmers and energy-efficient bulbs, so saving on your energy bill is as simple as setting the mood.  

5.  Thermostat
Keeping your house at the perfect temperature should be effortless. And with a programmable thermostat that you can control from your TV or smartphone, you’ll be able to keep your house feeling great without moving an inch from that linen sectional.

6.  Appliances
Leaving everything plugged in can add up. That’s why SAGE lets you adjust the power of your appliances at your discretion—from floor lamps to stereo systems.  

7.  Data Protection
If your security system isn’t secure, you could be leaving the door wide open for hackers. SAGE offers multiple levels of data encryption, so you can enjoy the benefits of a smart home in peace.

8.  MyLocal911
If an emergency happens while you’re away from home, you’ll need the fastest response time you can get. MyLocal911 lets you contact your city’s local authorities at the touch of a button—no matter where you’re calling from.

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