The wide-open spaces of the Santa Ynez Valley and the whitewashed walls of a transformed ranch house in the hills are a bucolic backdrop.

Jenni Kayne Ranch: Backyard (1222)
Thomas J. Story

There’s really no place like California—but more important, there’s nothing quite like California living. There’s an effortlessness and a focus on nature and informality that defines the California way, and it’s something I aim to bring to life every day. California living, and what it evokes, is as much a feeling as it is an aesthetic, and it’s one that I find constantly inspiring. 

The best way to understand the essence of California living is to experience it, and there’s one destination that I’ve always been drawn to: Santa Ynez.

Jenni Kayne (1222)
Jenni Kayne at home at the ranch.

Thomas J. Story

I grew up visiting Santa Ynez with my godparents Joanie and Jerry. We’d spend the weekends at their home, riding horses, walking in the hills, exploring local farms, and enjoying the scenery. I have such special memories tied to the valley, and I knew I wanted to continue the tradition with my own kids and show them how magnetic this place is. That’s what led us to the Jenni Kayne Ranch. 

Jenni Kayne Ranch: Living Room (1222)
The great room at the ranch.

Thomas J. Story

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With the continued success and growth of home and interiors in my business, my team was eager to create a new brand experience: a completely Jenni Kayne space designed head-to-toe from our design point of view. We wanted a home that spoke to our brand’s distinct aesthetic while also serving as an escape where friends and family could come together. 

When we first toured the property, I could see beyond the outdated interiors and instead focused on the potential of what the space could be: a beautiful California ranch. I envisioned a home where my daughter, Ripley, could ride horses outside; where my sons, Trooper and Tanner, would spend time in the sunshine; and where we could all enjoy slow mornings and long dinners together. 

Jenni Kayne Ranch: Kitchen (1222)
The kitchen

Thomas J. Story

Jenni Kayne Ranch: Bedroom (1222)
Kayne focused on a neutral palette to bring a classic California style into the house.

Thomas J. Story

Like most interiors projects, building the ranch was a true labor of love. We took the space down to the studs and embarked on a full gut renovation. The closed-off layout has become an open floor plan, every window now welcomes in the view, and nature continues to be a constant source of inspiration. 

Jenni Kayne Ranch: Outdoor Table (1222)
Alana Stipech of Bodega Los Alamos sets the table.

Thomas J. Story

Throughout the entire process, I was deliberate with my vision. I wanted to design a home that was a true embodiment of California ranch-style homes. I think a lot of people might have their own idea of what that means, but to me, a classic California ranch is more than just a single-story space; it’s a place that is welcoming, comfortable, and speaks to an effortless way of living. 

Jenni Kayne Ranch: Baby Goats
Baby goats also roam the property.

Thomas J. Story

To bring this to life, I focused on minimalist touches, neutral palettes, and organic elements that blur the line between indoors and out. From the rolling hills you can see from every window to the oak trees that line the property, the Jenni Kayne Ranch would be nothing without the Santa Ynez landscape. Every detail was considered with our unforgettable surroundings in mind, and it’s what makes the space feel like home. 

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