Skip the single-use containers in your shower and sink, and try these instead

Low Waste Toiletries
Courtesy of By Humankind

The bathroom can be a hotspot for disposable items—but it could do with a lot less tossing of single-use containers and products. Here are some easy swaps to make that will cut down your bathroom’s trash, while still leaving you squeaky clean from head to toe.

Refillable Toothpaste

Courtesy of Bite

Bite’s Toothpaste Bits come in a cute glass jar, and with a few bites and a little scrubbing from the toothbrush, you get the same toothpaste experience you’d get from a tube. Sign up for the subscription-sized jar, which lasts for four months with over 200 tablets, and every four months Bite will send a refill in a 100% home compostable pouch. Bite comes in three flavors, including a berry flavor for the kids to enjoy.

Fresh Mint Toothpaste Bits, $12

Eco-Friendly Toothbrush

Courtesy of Bite

Toothpaste brand Bite also makes a toothbrush that uses charcoal and bamboo-infused polyester bristles and has a bamboo handle. Plus, the head is removable, so instead of buying an entirely new toothbrush, you can reorder a new toothbrush head from Bite (eventually—the refill function hasn’t launched yet on the site).

Bite Bamboo Toothbrush, $9

Refillable Body Wash

Courtesy of Bathing Culture

Bathing Culture is known for its earth-minded body washes, and now the company has furthered that mission with a refillable version of their Mind and Body Wash. The glass container holds 16 ounces, and can currently be refilled in various locations in California and in Bozeman, MT. Check out the full list of those places here.

Bathing Culture Refillable Rainbow Glass Mind and Body Wash, $35

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Courtesy of By Humankind

By Humankind is a brand that makes entirely refillable, low-waste products, from shampoo and conditioner bars to cotton swabs. Their all-natural shampoo and conditioner bars come with a bar dish for quick drying and secure storage, and the bars come in a variety of scents like peppermint and citrus-lavender.

By Humankind Shampoo, $15

Metal Razors

Courtesy of Leaf Shave

Modern-day razors involve a ton of plastic wrapping and disposable cartridges. Instead, try an all-metal alternative, like the Leaf razor, which has replaceable blades and comes with a blade disposal box to safely store them before recycling. It also has a subscription model to keep your new blades arriving as needed, while the initial starter pack comes with 20 blades.

Leaf Razor Essentials Kit, $79

Cotton Rounds

Courtesy of EcoRoots

If you use makeup wipes or tissue in your skincare routine, swap those disposable options for these reusable cotton rounds from sustainability shop EcoRoots. Made from certified organic cotton, use them to remove makeup, apply products, or wash your face, and then, in turn, wash them and allow to air dry after use.

EcoRoots Organic Reusable Cotton Rounds, Set of 10, $10.97

Refillable Deodorant

Courtesy of By Humankind

Stop throwing away the plastic containers after using deodorant and switch to this refillable version from By Humankind. With four different natural scents and one unscented option, after ordering your initial deodorant and container, it’s easy to shop the refills that arrive in paper-based pods and fit right into your original deodorant holder.

By Humankind Refillable Deodorant, Set of 10, $12