Laura Genevieve of Turquoise and Tobacco shares easy and free ways to freshen up your yard during quarantine.

Hanging Plants

You might know Laura Genevieve of Turquoise and Tobacco for her jewelry line and Long Beach bungalow, but she’s also a plant whisperer. So we tapped Laura for her tips on how to inexpensively freshen up our yards, and more importantly, how to do it without coming in contact with others.

Make Connections on Instagram

Instagram is on overdrive these days, with everyone getting in spring cleaning and gardening mode. Take advantage and connect with your friends and followers for easy swaps––a sourdough loaf in exchange for an agave plant? Deal!

Take Advantage of Nextdoor

Nextdoor can be the worst app or the best, depending on how you use it. Take advantage of the resource and search through the Gardening & Landscaping section, where you can find free or cheap plants and clippings, as well as great tips. You can direct message members to schedule contactless pickups or drop-offs.

Search Your Neighborhood Facebook Group

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Facebook groups are another great way to search for free or cheap plants and clippings in your neighborhood. Plus, it’s a great way to connect with your neighbors.

Instagram/ @blancobungalow


Now that you have your succulents and clippings, here’s a simple way to propagate your plants.

What You Need:

First, dig a shallow hole that is deep enough for the plant––in this case a cactus––to sit up on its own, but shallow enough to where the base of the plant won’t get too much moisture and rot.

Use trowel to sweep the loose dirt back into the hole, packing it in tight so that the plant can stand tall and straight on its own.

If propagating plants already in your yard, such as birds of paradise, use a small handsaw or sharp knife to cut at the base of the plant. This will protect the clipping for re-planting, and help the main plant grow.

Watch the full video here, with more tips and tricks: