Save those wine corks and put them to good use with these decor ideas

Cork Ashtray
Courtesy of Melanie Abrantes

There’s a Map for That

If you love puzzles and want to show pride for your home state, try this project for a fresh piece of wall art.

Natural Bath
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Give your bathroom an organic vibe with this wine cork mat.

Marquee Statement

Every wine bar deserves some on-point signage.

Chic Catch-All

Courtesy of Melanie Abrantes

This stunning cork dish is perfect for burning herb bundles, or for displaying your favorite trinkets.

Put a Pin in It

Think of this as the adult version of the cork board you used in the college dorm. Create small ones for keys, or larger versions for photos and messages.

Kitchen Assistant

Is your kitchen short on an a utensil holder? Build your own, layering corks to create the perfect height for storing all your everyday cooking tools.

Crafty Coaster

Slice up corks, grab some glue, and create your own naturally hexagonal coasters with this easy DIY.

Trivet Set

Create the perfect landing spot for a hot dish, or even a wine decanter.