The Nudge shares tailored recommendations so you don’t miss out on what’s in your own backyard.

Palm Tree Street in Los Angeles
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My phone buzzes with a text notification—and my plans for the weekend. 

Enter The Nudge: a lifestyle app that plays the role of “the planner friend,” offering weekend itineraries and activity options in the city of your choosing. Borne out of San Francisco by sister-brother duo Sarah and John Peterson, the company has since expanded from San Francisco and is now available in 10 cities—including Seattle, Los Angeles, and Denver

Seattle skyline and sailboats
The Nudge can keep you nearly sleepless in Seattle, if that’s what you want.

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Get inspiration from texts with weekly “Nudges.” Or, scroll through the app’s social media-style video feed to view plans across different categories, from dates to nights out, or even nature getaways to surrounding towns. Its prompts are customizable, meaning it opens up diverse opportunities, whether you’re feeling something artsy or adventurous, alone or with someone special. 

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More than one million Nudgers used the app in 2023 to rediscover their cities through fresh eyes. And with Nudge Plans racking up more than 10 million total views, it’s no surprise that The Nudge earned a slot from Fast Company among “The World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2024.” 

Denver Skyline
The app can help you find the fun in Denver.

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It can be overwhelming to make plans when living in a big city teeming with options, so The Nudge’s ideas narrow it down and make it that much easier to spend fewer weekends with takeout and movies in bed and actually get out and about to live your life. For my friends and me, Nudge is our go-to guide when we’re craving an adventure but aren’t sure where to start. 

The Nudge’s primary text feature is free to use, with the option to pay a monthly fee for Nudge Plus, adding access to more plans, as well as NudgeAI—where you can prompt a chatbot with more specific, personalized requests for the ultimate weekend plans. 

Dolores Park San Francisco
The Nudge knows just what you’d like but haven’t discovered yet in San Francisco

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My friend, who is moving to San Francisco soon, is already planning to redownload the app while they settle in. To prepare for their big move, we asked NudgeAI what to do in San Francisco on their first weekend to get to know the city. NudgeAI suggested a picnic at Dolores Park with food to go from Dolores Park Cafe, followed by heading nearby to Valencia Street Vintage and Dog Eared Books for some casual shopping. 

Other Nudge Plans for San Francisco include an underground magic show followed by a nightcap at Upcider for a date night, or a free rooftop yoga session overlooking the water for a daytime activity alone or with friends. 

You never know if you’ve been walking by these fun spots while you walk your dog or commute to work. You don’t have to save your spirit of exploration for vacation; every weekend can be an invitation to embrace your city, rather than settling into your routine and missing out on what your home has to offer.

So what are you doing this weekend?