Quince is an internet-famous brand known for its high-quality wardrobe basics. We tried its equally affordable home line.

Quince Bedding Set
Courtesy of Quince

A few weeks ago, one of my best friends told me about how she was building out her maternity wardrobe with basics from Quince. At more than half the price of most cashmere sweaters, dresses, and more clothing items, she felt better about investing in a few $50-and-under pieces she could live in as her bump grew. My son was born in November, so it was too late to take advantage of her maternity clothing hack, but I perused the website to see if they had other fair-priced finds. And while Quince has become known for their high-quality, 100 percent Grade-A Mongolian cashmere, there’s an entire home section that deserves some attention, too.

Quince Linen Bamboo Sheet Set

Courtesy of Quince

Linen Bamboo Sheet Set, $100

I decided to test out the brand’s Linen Bamboo Sheet Set and compare them to my own linen sheet set from West Elm. The price difference is about $120, but the brand also compares itself to Cozy Earth and Ettitude, two brands with sheets that cost nearly half as much as Quince’s. I tried the Quince sheets over the past two nights, and I was impressed with the quality and feel of the material. The sheets were soft to the touch and helped me stay cool (no easy feat as a postpartum mom), and they washed well without pilling. The only noticeable difference is that the Quince sheets are a bit thicker than my tried-and-true West Elm ones, which feel more lightweight and breezy. But at a significantly lower price point, I can see why so many people are turning to Quince to save on clothing and home products without skimping on quality.

Quince, which is based in San Francisco, has everyone questioning how they’re able to sell their items at such staggeringly low prices. The answers are on their website’s “How it works” page, which details how their supply chain is simplified by going directly from an ethical factory to your door. They also use minimal packaging and stick to making only “essential products,” because having fewer designs leads to lower costs overall.

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Beyond cashmere sweaters and linen sheets, Quince’s other bestsellers include an organic Turkish waffle robe, a 100 percent mulberry silk pillowcase, and a pair of Australian shearling clog slippers. With a mix of trendy and classic pieces, it’s a great spot to build out a capsule wardrobe and test out the latest trends. And since most products are priced at $50 or less and the company offers 365-day returns, what do you have to lose?

Bestsellers from Quince

Quince Organice Turkish Waffle Robe

Courtesy of Quince

Organic Turkish Waffle Robe, $50
100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, $40
Quince Australian Shearling Clog

Courtesy of Quince

Australian Shearling Clog Slipper, $50

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