The line will appeal to fans of the easygoing, California-cool aesthetic.

Parachute Living Room Collection
Courtesy of Parachute

Since its launch in 2014, Parachute has become a go-to bedding source for so many people. And it’s not hard to see why—the bedding is high-quality, comfortable, luxe-yet-attainable, and just looks good. Over the years the brand has expanded its offerings, including towels, rugs, robes and loungewear, dinnerware, and decor. Now it’s taking a big leap and just debuted a living room furniture collection.

The 15-piece collection is “inspired by the brand’s roots with mid-century Danish influence.” And when you look at the pieces, you’ll see that it has the same distinct California-cool aesthetic that comes across in all Parachute products. When Sunset’s editor-in-chief asked me what I thought of the line, I just said simply, “It’s very Parachute-y.” And that description is the highest compliment—it’s a truly beautiful line.

Parachute Living Room Furniture Collection

Courtesy of Parachute

“I have always envisioned Parachute as a true home lifestyle brand, not just in the bedroom,” Parachute founder and CEO Ariel Kaye told Sunset. “We want to give our customers high quality, sustainable products for every room, and that includes furniture. After the success of our bedroom furniture launch last year, offering options for the living room was the next natural step.”

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Kaye says they were also inspired by Parachute’s customer, who wants quality, comfort, and style. The furniture is made to last and live and grow with customers. “Our intention is not to bring furniture to Parachute—it is to bring Parachute to furniture,” she explains. “We are known for our effortless aesthetic and that is what we wanted this collection to embody. The pieces are timeless with just the right amount of character and signs of life. They are made to last, transcending short-lived trends and allowing shoppers to change the look and feel of their home with decor while maintaining the beautiful, foundational pieces from this collection.”

Parachute Home Furniture Living Room

Courtesy of Parachute

Even better, the pieces are sustainable, too. Not only are they meant to be long-lasting and the total opposite of “fast furniture,” but they’re also designed with environmentally-friendly features, namely in the fabrics. “Early on in the design process we made the decision to refrain from offering traditional performance fabrics as they typically rely on PFAS to be stain- and spill-resistant,” Kaye says. “This class of chemicals are really hard to remove from the environment—often referred to as ‘forever chemicals’—and they can have lasting negative health implications. Because of their prevalence and the potential harmful effects of using these chemicals, we’ve opted to offer fabrics that do not rely on PFAS for durability. We believe that your long-term health is paramount, and much more important than stain-resistance.”

And if you love this collection, you’ll be happy to know that the brand is just getting started when it comes to furniture offerings. Kaye says they plan to iterate on and introduce new products to their furniture collection in the coming years and months.

Take a look at the pieces from Parachute’s living room collection below.

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