Design regret is real.

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Much like buyers’ remorse, there is such a thing as renovation regret. It’s inevitable, too, if you decide to take a chance with a design trend that might seem “outdated” in few years. Remember when chevron was THE pattern of the moment? And how everyone was getting a sliding barn door?

Home services website Thumbtack revealed the top-trending projects homeowners are taking on to kick off summer, and they found that people are “undoing” some regrettable design choices in their homes. In particular, wallpaper removal is up 77% year-over-year, and carpet removal is up 57% year-over-year.

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Carpet removal isn’t too surprising—Thumbtack cites old carpet’s impact on dust, pollutants, and a home’s air quality as one reason why people might be ditching the carpet for floor coverings like vinyl, engineered hardwood, and hardwood floors.

There might be a correlation between both wallpaper removal projects and interior painting projects rising. In fact, on the list of most booked indoor improvement projects, interior painting was number one. Take a look at the rankings below.

Most Booked Indoor Projects

  1. Interior painting
  2. Furniture assembly
  3. TV mounting
  4. Floor installation or replacement
  5. Carpet cleaning
  6. Drywall repair and texturing
  7. Bathroom remodel
  8. Lighting installation
  9. Home organizing
  10. Home remodeling
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And homeowners aren’t just taking on interior projects this summer—they’re also booking maintenance projects and outdoor renovations. Understandably, air conditioning maintenance and repair is up, with duct and repair up 112% YoY and window/wall/portable A/C repair or maintenance up a 242% YoY.

Most Booked Maintenance Projects

  1. Handyman
  2. Appliance repair or maintenance
  3. Junk removal
  4. Electrical & wiring repair
  5. Sprinkler and irrigation system repair and maintenance
  6. Plumbing pipe repair
  7. Plumbing drain repair
  8. Central A/C maintenance or repair
  9. Pest control services
  10. Garage door repair
  11. Gutter cleaning & maintenance 

As for outdoor spaces, although homeowners are booking outdoor landscaping and design jobs, it seems that people are favoring hardscaping over lawnscaping. According to Thumbtack, sod installation is down 25% this summer.

“There’s been a major uptick in wooden hardscaping, including decks, patios, walkways, pergolas, and arbors,” Bret Douglas, a Thumbtack Pro and owner of Ironclad Landscape Management in Florida, told Thumbtack in a blog post. “At the same time, we’re also seeing a significant decrease in yards and grass areas.”

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Most Booked Outdoor Projects

  1. Lawn mowing
  2. Full service lawn care
  3. Outdoor landscaping & design
  4. Tree trimming & removal
  5. Pressure washing
  6. Fence & gate installation
  7. Roof repair and maintenance
  8. Concrete installation
  9. Exterior painting
  10. Deck or porch remodel or addition