It’s out with the cold and in with the cozy.

Striped Bedding Grandmillennial Style
Courtesy of Julie Hovnanian

Even with outdoor temperatures hiking, homeowners are moving away from cold, modern interiors. And there is one group to thank: Millennials. This generation has welcomed the grandmillennial style, which interior designer Julie Hovanian—owner of Hovie Interiors in Newport Beach, California—says is having a moment. 

“They want things to be more personal to them, more cozy,” says Hovnanian. “They’re living in their environment, and possibly working in their environment, so the minimalist trend is kind of going by the wayside because people really want their house to reflect who they are—not just a big-box store version of something.”

Grandmillennial Side Table
Lots of patterns and different materials with collected antique silver are the perfect bedside table accents.

Courtesy of Julie Hovnanian

So, what does this look like exactly? Lots and lots of texture. Plus, looking beyond the one-dimensional interior must-haves and layering various textiles in one space. For instance, she says even adding a chunky throw blanket that coordinates with a more streamlined pillow can elevate the look of your living room.

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“It’s about the details,” she says. “So the more traditional look is a little trim on the edge of a lampshade or a pillow that has a contrasting trim, whereas the last couple decades it’s been more modern, plain and simple. And a lot of people are getting back into chintzes and florals and colors and moving away from the flax linen, monochromatic look.”

A white tea server displaying collected and inherited items effortlessly combines old and new.

Courtesy of Julie Hovnanian

You can achieve this textured look in one of two ways, according to Hovnanian: Sticking with the more modern monochromatic aesthetic and mixing it up with texture (“You can have all flax-colored fabric, but one is a linen, one’s a nubby texture, one’s a silk,” she says.) Another route is to select fabrics that “speak the same language.” 

“Usually if there’s one common color within the patterns, and a cohesive style,” she says. “So if you’re doing geometric patterns, then that’s one look that probably wouldn’t look good with a big floral.” 

Grandmillennial Console Table
A wooden coffee table, chunky throw blanket, and pillows and cushions with different fabrics create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Courtesy of Julie Hovnanian

Another grandmillenial-forward addition to your home could be as simple as bringing in an antique or one-of-a-kind piece. These conversation-starters serve as personal elements that speak to you and show off your personal style. 

“This is your nest that you’re creating, and you want to feel good about everything that’s in it,” Hovnanian says. “Obviously, there are a few things you just have to have—like pots and pans— but when it comes to decorating items, try to find things that have some kind of meaning and that you just love looking at.”