Ideas for turning your home’s entryway into a statement-making decor moment

Old World Style Entryway
Thomas J. Story


Design your entryway with convenience in mind—a slim console table for catch-alls, a basket for shoes or loose items, and a stool for a quick seat or a bag.

Mirror Trick

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No matter the size of your entryway, add a mirror to give it a larger feel.

Total Texture


Give your entryway a modern boho feel with a strand of fringe. It adds visual interest in a neutral space.

Grab a Rug

Skip the entry mat, and go for the full rug. A rich palette instantly infuses the space with warmth.

Luxe Seating


A velvet ottoman as an entryway table? Yes, please. Don’t forget the metallic tray holding a floral arrangement.

Wall-Sized Art


Make a statement with a life-sized piece of art. Add a low bench for seating that also anchors the wall art.

Upwards Design

No space for a bench or storage? Move everything upward with a floating shelf that leaves space below for a slim floor basket.

Double Duty

Add a few sculptural hooks to the wall to both store your favorite bags and hats and treat them as decor. The hooks also create an easy grab-and-go placement for everyday items.

Add a Bench


Seating’s a necessity. Get the farmhouse look with a rustic bench.

Sculptural Plants

A large houseplant is living art, if you will. Add a solo seat next to it to balance out the entryway.

Statement Seating 

The angular design of this floating bench doubles as wall art.

Wall Print 

Want the entryway to feel like its own space? Add a little backdrop to separate it from the rest of the room.

Shoe Tray

Have a house full of boots? Use a simple tray to cleanly line them up.

Storage Seating 

Get seating that does double duty with drawers and a shoe rack underneath. This type of piece makes it easy for the kids to sit and put on their shoes, while giving the entryway a polished look.
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