Versatile, textural, and durable Eldorado Stone can take your home improvement or building project to the next level. Here are three inspiring ways to dial in your design.

Kitchen and Fireplace
Courtesy of Eldorado Stone

Go Organic Modern 

Modern design’s clean lines can feel austere without other elements to soften and counterbalance its elegant minimalism. The great room above gets even greater with a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace made with Eldorado Stone’s Vantage30 stone veneer in White Elm. The fireplace leans into the space’s soaring volume, simultaneously enhancing the height while also literally and figuratively warming it up with its earth tones, tactile surface, and cozy fire. The plank-like 30-inch-long pieces are scaled just right for the space and set the tone for other organic flourishes like wooden pendant lamps, exposed timber, and a double-height firewood nook. Together these elements add a welcome touch of hygge to this Scandinavian-inspired project. 

Design a Cooler Kitchen 

Living Room and Kitchen

Courtesy of Eldorado Stone

There’s a reason TundraBrick is one of Eldorado Stone’s best selling lines: It can swing modern or rustic depending on how it’s used. This modern loft kitchen manages to be both sleek and soft in just the right way. Featured here in Chalk Dust, TundraBrick adds a more integrated look than tile and ties together the other well-chosen materials. The counter-to-ceiling installation and matte finish add a soft luminosity to the moody space, while unifying the forms and colors of the cabinets and fixtures. The gray accent bricks pick up the stainless steel appliances and give the contemporary space a welcome timeless appeal. 

Maximize and Mix Materials 

Stone Veneer Facade

Courtesy of Eldorado Stone

Go big with stone in just the right way to connect a home with its surroundings, as perfectly illustrated in this modern farmhouse that pushes the contrast with a dramatic black garage joining the classic white siding we all know and love. While Eldorado Stone’s Casa Blanca RoughCut stone is more traditional, the way it’s integrated into the facade is anything but. The natural color and classic stacked stone shape ground the house in its woodsy setting while softening the graphic contrast of the black and white siding. It’s an enduring example of how stone can transform a striking house into an inviting home.

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