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White Kitchen LH Designs
Photo by Lauren Taylor; Design by LH.Designs

It may feel like a cliché to say that kitchens are the heart of the home, but there’s an undeniable truth to that statement. Kitchens are where we gather with friends and family and where we whip up delicious meals and refreshing drinks—they’re a central location around which our home lives revolve. 

So, it’s no surprise that designing the perfect kitchen is top-of-mind for most homeowners and interior designers. 

Where does it all start? With color of course. Your kitchen paint color serves as the backdrop for the space, so choosing one you truly love and can build a design around is key. 

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These are the kitchen paint colors that designers go back to again and again.

1. Green

Custom Green Paint

Thomas J. Story

Colorful kitchens have been rising in popularity for the past few years, giving the more expected neutral shades a run for their money. For Amanda Barnes of Amanda Barnes Interiors, the ideal shade for a kitchen is none other than green.

“For the last few years, I have been drawn to green kitchens,” she says. “I love the combination of white upper cabinets and green lower cabinets. I also love using two shades of green so the island stands out from the rest of the kitchen. Farrow and Ball Pigeon and Benjamin Moore Fieldstone are my two favorites. Both shades have gray undertones and read somewhere between green and gray as the natural light shifts throughout the day.”

2. White

White Kitchen LH Designs

Photo by Lauren Taylor; Design by LH.Designs

While bolder paint choices are becoming more common in kitchens, the timeless classics are still a beloved choice for designers. White, especially one with warmer undertones, serves as the ideal blank slate upon which you can layer eye-catching accessories.

“Warm whites continue to be my favorite kitchen color because I love layering in mixed metals in hardware and light fixtures across the room,” Jenn Feldman of Jenn Feldman Designs says.

Karen Harautuneian of Hub of the House Studio concurs. “I love adding a warm white to soften the walls in a kitchen,” she says. “I favor Farrow & Ball Wimborne White or Benjamin Moore Bavarian Cream.”

And according to Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs, white kitchens are a great option for anyone who wants to create an inviting space worthy of a cooking show. “A couple of colors I like to use in the kitchen come from Benjamin Moore. White Opulence and Frostine are soft, warm whites that give that homey type of vibe when painted on the walls,” she says. “You can’t go wrong with a comfy white in a kitchen because it just makes you want to emulate Julia Child and make some masterful dishes.”

3. Off-White

Off White Kitchen

Karolin Baitinger/Unsplash

Off-whites can be another great option for homeowners who like the idea of a white kitchen, but are weary of designing a space that feels too stark. 

“I love a good creamy off white, like Benjamin Moore Mascarpone, because it mixes well with warm woods and earthy tile and stone,” Melinda Trembly of Rincon Rd. says. “Some may say white kitchens are out, but I love a warm white cabinet mixed with furniture like a wood island or hutch.”

4. Light Gray

Light Gray Kitchen K Interiors

Photo by R. Brad Knipstein; Design by K Interiors

For homeowners who don’t want to commit to a fully white kitchen, but still want a neutral backdrop, Kristen Pena of K Interiors suggests gray. 

“People like white kitchens but choosing a light gray can be a happy medium,” she says. “It allows for dim depth of color and can still read white if it is the whitest test thing in the room.”

5. Taupe

Taupe Kitchen Cabinets

Christian Mackie/Unsplash

Another neutral that can appeal to those who don’t want a fully white-washed kitchen is taupe, which adds warmth to the space but won’t feel too bold.

“We love using warm neutrals in a kitchen, Wendy Labrum of Wendy Labrum Interiors says. “In a current project, we are using Benjamin Moore’s Smokey Taupe for the cabinetry and then using a custom venetian plaster color to coordinate on the walls.”

6. Yellow

Thomas J. Story

Yellow is another beloved option for homeowners who aren’t afraid of a little color. The sunny, warm shade adds a happy and welcoming feel to any space, making it an ideal choice for the heart of the home. 

“We love using two of Benjamin Moore’s yellow hues—Chestertown Buff and Tavern Ochre,” says Kristen Fiore of Kristen Elizabeth Design. “They are great accent colors for islands and are classic enough to even use on a wall.”

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